Realtime report

You can use the Realtime report to see estimated views data for the last 25 published videos. For channels, you can also use this report to see the total views for all videos on the channel. Realtime data is estimated and meant to provide general guidance on potential view activity on your videos. Therefore, you might see discrepancies in the data displayed on the video's watch page as views are validated differently.

This report can give you early insights into the performance of your most recently published videos and might help you change their promotion strategy for the better. You can also see this data in reports for individual videos.

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See your Realtime report

Creator Studio Classic

You can go directly to the Realtime report or follow the steps below.
  1. Sign in to YouTube.
  2. In the top right, select your account > Creator Studio.
  3. In the left menu, click Analytics > Realtime.
  4. You can see two graphs:
    • Hour-by-hour date: Available for a sliding window of 2 days ("last 48 hours")
    • Minute-by-minute data: Available for a sliding window of 1 hour ("last 60 mins")


How to use the Realtime report

Data display and accuracy

Both graphs refer to the local time zone of the viewer as determined by the computer's setting. Data automatically stays updated on the analytics page, but note that there's a latency of a few minutes between the occurrence of the view and its display in the report. The "current" hour bar is highlighted to stress that the hour is still incomplete.

Data availability

  • Channel: At the channel level data, the report show the total views for the channel and the last 25 published videos.
  • Content owner: The report shows the last 25 published videos for channels belonging to the content owner.
  • Groups: If a video group contains 25 or less videos, the report show realtime data for each video. The report is not available for video groups with more items and other types of groups (asset, playlist, channel).
  • Assets, playlists, shows: The report doesn't contain realtime data for these entities.

Filters and features

On the channel and video level, the Realtime report provides further breakdowns for dimensions like geography, device type, and operating system. This information can help you quickly adjust or confirm your promotion strategy (for example, if you see a lot of traffic from mobile devices).

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