Post & interact with comments

If a video's owner has turned on comments, you can post comments and like, dislike or reply to other people's comments on a video. You can also edit or delete any of your own comments. Replies to a comment are threaded beneath the original comment so that you can follow the conversation.

Post comments on a video

Public videos

All comments on public videos on YouTube are public and anyone can reply to a comment that you post. If you're a Google Apps account user, any comment that you post on YouTube is publicly visible to users outside of your domain.

To add a comment, just type in the Add a public comment box under the video, then click Comment

You can no longer see any private comments on public videos.

Private videos

Comments are not available on private videos. If you want to allow comments on a video that's not publicly available, post an unlisted video instead.

Unlisted videos

You can comment and reply to comments on unlisted videos. Comments on unlisted videos can be seen by anyone who has the link to the video. Learn more about unlisted videos and privacy settings.

If you don't have a YouTube channel, by posting a comment you'll automatically create a channel. You can access and manage your channel by going to your profile picture after posting your comment.
Reply to comments
  1. Click on Reply beneath a comment.
  2. Type in your comment.
  3. Click on Reply.

Add formatting to comments

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Add style to your comment

You can use rich text to format your comment with common special tags, such as:

  • *bold text*bold
  • _italicised text_italics
  • -strikethrough text-strikethrough

Add links to your comment

If you add a URL to your comment, it will show as a hyperlink.

Add hearts to favourite comments

You can use a heart  to show appreciation for a viewer's comments on your Community tab comments, in addition to comments on the watch page. 

  1. Sign in to YouTube.
  2. Go to a Community tab post.
  3. Look for the  icon next to the thumbs up/thumbs down icons.

Viewers will see your avatar with a small red heart at the bottom left and will receive a notification (depending on viewer opt-in settings on desktop and mobile) that a channel owner 'loves your comment'.

Tip: You can also manage comments with the Creator Studio app on your mobile device. Get started in the YouTube Creator Studio app Help Centre.

Access to Discussion tab

The Community tab replaces the Discussion tab. Comments from the Discussion tab can be accessed in the activity log and will be available for 30 days after your account is given access to the Community tab. 

To access the activity log:

  1. Open the YouTube app and sign in to YouTube.
  2. Go to
Pin comments to the top

You can pin comments to the top of the comments section to highlight what comment your fans see first when viewing your content. You can choose to pin your own comment or a fan comment.

  1. Sign in to YouTube.
  2. In the comments below a video, select the comment that you would like to pin.
  3. Click More  and then Pin. If you've already pinned a comment, this will replace it.
    Note: You can unpin a comment at any time and the comment will be moved back to its original position.
  4. Click the blue Pin to confirm.

Viewers will see the pinned comment at the top of the watch page with a 'Pinned by' icon and your channel name.

 You can currently use this feature on YouTube comments. It will also be available soon on the Community tab.
Tip: You can also manage comments with the Creator Studio app on your mobile device. Get started in the YouTube Creator Studio app Help Centre.
Like or dislike comments

Go to a comment, then use the Like or Dislike  icon.

Tip: If you see a comment that you think is inappropriate, you can flag it as spam or abuse. If you're a creator, you can also use the comment moderation tools to manage comments on your videos.

Edit or remove your comment
  1. Hover over the top-right corner of your comment.
  2. Click More .
  3. Choose Edit or Remove this comment.
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