Get help as a YouTube Creator

There are many creator resources to help you troubleshoot issues, grow your channel, develop your audience, and achieve success as a YouTube creator. Check them out and visit them often for the latest information. Please note that some resources are available in limited languages.

Resource type Resource name Description
Get help YouTube Help Center, specifically its Creator and Partner sections You’re already here - the one-stop-shop for all things troubleshooting. Access the Help Center directly, or through the Help button at the top and bottom of your YouTube account.
Creator Help Forum Find solutions to your issues from other savvy creators.
Monetization Help Forum Find solutions to your monetization issues from other partners.
Email We offer email support to partner channels that have above 15,000 watchtime hours in the last 90 days.
Develop your skills Creator Playbook Build your audience with this collection of winning YouTube tips, strategies and best practices.
YouTube for Creators Navigate the programs and tools that will help you create better content, build your fan base, and turn your creativity into your career.
YouTube channels Prefer learning through videos? Check out the YouTube Help and YouTube Creators channels.
Creator Academy Become a more successful creator by taking free courses to level up your YouTube skills.
Stay informed Creator social media channels Connect with us via our blog, Twitter, and Google+ page.
Connect with others Google+ community

Meet, learn from and collaborate with other YouTube Creators.

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