Verification badges on channels

When you see a or verification check mark next to a YouTube channel's name, it means that YouTube has verified that channel.

Apply for channel verification

You can submit a request for a channel verification once you have 100,000 subscribers. It looks like your channel isn't eligible yet.

Make sure you're signed in with the email address for the eligible channel. Click your profile picture in the top-right and choose that account.

To see if your channel is eligible to request verification, click Sign in at the top-right. 

We won’t verify channels that are trying to impersonate another creator or brand. If we find a channel is deliberately impersonating someone else, we may take more actions.

About verified channels

If a channel is verified, it's the official channel of a creator, artist, company, or public figure. Verified channels help distinguish official channels from other channels with similar names on YouTube.

Keep in mind:

  • Verified channels don't get extra features on YouTube. They also don’t represent awards, milestones, or endorsement from YouTube. For info on awards, learn more about YouTube’s Creator Awards program.
  • If your channel is verified, it will stay verified unless you change your channel name. If you change your channel name, the renamed channel won’t be verified, and you'll need to reapply.
  • Changing your channel’s handle will not remove your verification badge.
  • YouTube reserves the right to revoke verification or terminate channels that violate our Community Guidelines or the YouTube Terms of Service.
  • Verification has changed over time, so you may see many types of channels with verification on YouTube.

Verified channel eligibility

To be eligible to apply for verification, your channel must reach 100,000 subscribers.

After you apply, we’ll review your channel. We verify channels that:

  • Are authentic: Your channel must represent the real creator, brand, or entity it claims to be. We’ll check different factors to help verify your identity, such as the age of your channel. We may also ask for more info or documentation.
  • Are complete: Your channel must be public and have a channel banner, description, and profile picture. The channel also needs to have content and be active on YouTube.

Sometimes, YouTube may also proactively verify channels with fewer than 100,000 subscribers that are well-known outside of YouTube.

Distinguish your channel without verification

If your channel isn't verified, here are some other ways to distinguish your channel from similar channels:

If someone is impersonating you or your channel, report it to us.

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