Monthly and weekly reports are available from the Reports section of the partner menu. Reports are published within one day of the completed cycle. Monthly reports are used for financial record. Your business development partner manager can show you how to connect third parties such as Rentrak to access your reports at your request.

To download reports:

  1. Sign in to YouTube using a Google account that has access to your YouTube content owner.

  2. Go to Reports section of the partner menu.

  3. Choose the type of report you'd like to download.

  4. For performance, transactional, or adjustment reports, choose whether you'd like a Monthly or Weekly report.

    For transactional reports, you also have the option of a Daily report.

  5. Find the row for the report you want and select the download format from the Download column.

    For transactional reports, choose Transactional Reports if you would like details on every transaction or Per Title Report if you would like aggregated transactions for all transacted titles.

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