Re-using entrypoints (streams)

If you’re a returning streamer, you can easily reuse previous stream settings for new streams.

  1. Create a live stream by going to
  2. Select Stream at the top.
  3. When prompted, click on the live stream with the settings you’d like to copy. 
  4.  Click Reuse Settings
Stream now 
From, the Encoder Setup section displays a reusable entry point. Set up your encoder once, and simply start your encoder to start streaming.

If you need to replace your stream name/key, click the Reset button.


Create custom, reusable ingestion settings by using the "Reusable stream key" dropdown menu under Ingestion Settings. You can use those ingestion settings for multiple events again and again.

For example, you can create one stream called "720p Gaming" and use those entrypoints for all of your 720p gaming events. Or, if you have multiple encoders, you can create a stream called "Encoder A, 720p" and use those entrypoints for all of the 720p events you do on that encoder.

For testing, you can create a test event and a live event associated with the same source stream. That way, you don't have to reconfigure your encoder between testing and your live event.

Just be sure that you don't encode to the same entrypoints simultaneously on multiple encoders.

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