Tips and tools for parents of teens on YouTube

We understand that parents and guardians sometimes have questions about their teen's behaviour and wellbeing online. We've put together some tools and resources to help you manage their experience on YouTube.

What age does my teen need to be to use YouTube?

To sign in to YouTube, your teen must have a Google Account that meets the minimum age requirements in your country or region. 

If your child is under the required age, learn more about what experiences are available for them in our YouTube For Families Help Centre.

Tips and advice for online content creation

If your teen is interested in creating content on YouTube, we recommend:

Privacy and safety tools

Supporting wellbeing

  • Take a break reminders: This feature is automatically turned on for teens and reminds them to take a break while watching videos or YouTube Shorts. 
  • Bedtime reminders: This feature is automatically turned on for teens and appears when it's time for them to stop watching YouTube and go to bed. 
  • Auto-play turned off: This feature is automatically turned off for teens. While off, videos won't continuously play for your teen and they'll have to select the next video that they want to watch. 
  • Responsible video recommendations: YouTube has a video recommendation system that provides more responsible recommendations for teens. This system automatically minimises exposure to content that could negatively impact their self-image or behaviours. Learn more about how we build content recommendations to meet the unique needs of teens.

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