Age-restricted content

Some content doesn’t violate our policies, but may not be appropriate for all audiences. In these cases, our review team may place an age restriction on the video when we're notified of the content. In cases where a video’s thumbnail contains this type of content, the thumbnail may be rejected. You can read more about our policies around thumbnails here.

Age-restricted videos are not visible to users who are logged out, are under 18 years of age, or have Restricted Mode enabled.

When evaluating whether content is appropriate for all ages, here are some of the things we consider:

To learn more about what you can do to avoid having your content age-restricted or thumbnail rejected, visit our Policy Center. If you believe your content was age-restricted or thumbnail was rejected by mistake, you can appeal.

If you're looking to monetize your video, make sure to review our policies since age-restricted videos are not be eligible for monetization and are not shown in certain sections of YouTube. Age-restricted videos are also not eligible to be used for ads.

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