Keep your YouTube account in good standing

Violating our Community Guidelines or copyright policies can affect your account standing. Accounts in bad standing lose access to certain account features and programs. To stay in good standing, your account must have:

  • No Community Guidelines strikes
  • No copyright strikes
  • No more than one video blocked worldwide by Content ID

Check your account standing

You can check your account standing on the Features page, under your Channel Settings.

Penalties that affect your account standing

Community Guidelines strikes

If you receive a Community Guidelines strike and feel that your video was removed in error, you may appeal the strike. The strike will expire in six months.

Copyright strikes

If you receive a copyright strike, you may ask the person who requested removal of your video to retract their claim. If you believe that your video was removed in error, you may submit a counter notification. The strike will expire in six months, as long as you complete Copyright School and don’t receive another copyright strike in that time.

Content ID global blocks

If a copyright owner uses Content ID to claim and block your video worldwide, you’ll be warned that your account is in danger of falling into bad standing. If you receive a second global Content ID block within 30 days, your account will fall into bad standing. The penalty associated with each global block expires after 30 days. If you believe that a video has been blocked in error, you may dispute the associated claim. Keep in mind, invalid disputes can result in copyright strikes.

Deleting videos which put your account in bad standing won't restore your good standing.

Features available to accounts in good standing

The following YouTube features are among those restricted to users who are in good standing:

Certain channel features for YouTube creators are also restricted to accounts in good standing.

Accounts in bad standing won't be able to join the YouTube Partner Program. YouTube partners may have their monetization disabled for a different set of reasons.

Please note that for many of these features, good standing is not the only criteria for access. If you’re in good standing and don’t have access to certain features, you may need to verify your account.

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