Keep your YouTube account in good standing

For your channel to be in good standing, you must have no Community Guidelines strikes, copyright strikes, and no videos that have been blocked worldwide by Content ID. You can check your account status from the Features page within your Channel Settings.

YouTube features available to accounts in good standing

You may only have access to certain account features or programs if your YouTube channel is in good standing. Please note that for many of these features, good standing is not the only criteria for access.

The following features are among those restricted to users who are in good standing:

Certain partner features are also restricted to channels in good standing.

If you are in good standing and don’t have access to certain features, you may need to verify your YouTube account.

My account isn’t in good standing, what can I do?

Receiving multiple strikes of any kind can have serious consequences for your channel beyond hurting your account standing. You have several options to regain good account standing, depending on the violation.

If you’ve received a Community Guidelines strike, you may appeal the strike or wait for it to expire if you don’t receive another strike within six months.

If you receive a copyright strike, you may wait six months for the strike to expire, ask the person who claimed your video to retract their claim, or submit a counter-notification