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Enabling live chat

Watch the video demo

  • Live chat is enabled by default and will appear to the right of the video player only when your event is active.
  • Live chat badges will identify the Streamer  and Moderator .  Click on the expandable area below for more information on moderators.
  • Live chat module only exists on the YouTube watch pages. It does not follow embedded players.
  • Review chat activity in YouTube Analytics. The "Comments" metric is for live and on demand.
  • Viewers are limited to 200 characters and a maximum of 3 submissions every 30 seconds. Event owners are not subject to the frequency threshold.
  • Viewers cannot post special characters, URLs or HTML tags.


Post-event Comments

  • Live Chat will no longer be available after the event has ended.
  • Post-live comments will appear below the player after the stream ends.

Disabling live chat

  • Using Stream Now?  Select the gear icon and uncheck the Enable live chat box.
  • Using Events?  Navigate to Edit> Basic Info> Advanced Settings. Under Chat, uncheck the Enable live chat box.
  • You can disable live chat at any time, even after the event has started.

Additional Live Chat features chat dots

  • Popout live chat in a new window for easy moderation. 
  • See a list of active chat users from the last 5 minutes. 



Live chat moderation

We strongly recommend that you have at least one dedicated live chat moderator for high-traffic events. Moderators can interact with the audience and remove comments when appropriate.  They can also flag, block or put users in time out.  

Assign moderators

  • Click the chat dots next to username in chat and select "Set User as Moderator". 
  • Click the three dots (...) next to the chat text box and enter a username.
  • Set up one list of moderators for your channel. Moderators remain on the list until they are unassigned.

Manage spam messages

  • Select the "Automatically block spam messages." checkbox.  This will block simple spam such as long messages in all caps or repeated identical messages by the same user.  

Blacklist words proactively

  • Compile blacklisted words in the Community Settings section.  Live chats matching these words will be blocked.  

Unblock a viewer from live chat

  • To remove block status, visit the viewers YouTube channel and click on the "About" tab.   
  • Click on the flag and select the "unblock" option.
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