Likes and Dislikes report

The Likes and Dislikes report summarizes how many people liked and disliked your videos.

The report shows the net change of likes and dislikes in your videos, so it adds up the number of likes/dislikes added, minus the number of likes/dislikes removed.

Use the Compare metric button to compare the total number of likes/dislikes to other video metrics, including interaction metrics such as likes/dislikes added and removed, or subscribers and favorites change.


  • In rare instances, you might see more likes/dislikes than views since these metrics are adjusted by different verification systems. 
  • For some periods of time the likes/dislikes net change might be negative if the number of likes removed is bigger than the number of likes added.
  • The report only shows data for likes/dislikes removed since September 1, 2012.
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