Shopping basics

Viewers are already coming to creators to shop for what they love, and find info about products they trust. With YouTube Shopping, eligible creators can easily promote and sell products from their own stores across YouTube. In doing so, they can enhance their fans’ shopping journey.

89% of viewers agree that YouTube creators give recommendations they can trust.1

YouTube Shopping: Tag & Sell Products from Your Store

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Things to keep in mind

To promote and sell your own products (like merch) on YouTube, while earning money:

  1. Fit the eligibility criteria for YouTube Shopping features.
  2. Set up and connect your store or stores to YouTube. These include major shopping platforms such as Shopify, Spring, and selected retailers.
  3. Tag the items that you want to promote. You can then decide where and in what order you want them displayed to your viewers.

Inspire your community to learn, discover, and shop more of what they want. Combine the benefits of going live with shopping features. Use live stream and live chat to create a helpful shopping experience for your community.

  • You can host live shopping streams either by encoder or through your mobile device. If you're streaming via your mobile device, be sure to have a laptop or desktop ready to manage product tagging and live chat.
  • Setting up in advance lets users chat and generate excitement leading up to the live stream. Make sure that you have connected your store, and your products are approved. Getting approval can take up to 5 days.

Viewers can click the Shop for products in this live stream  to open the list of featured products, and shop without leaving YouTube.

The product section on top of the watch feed allows viewers to shop for featured products even when live chat is closed.

We recommend

For successful shopping live streams, planning is key. It can keep your live stream focused and well-structured. So when prepping for a live stream, it helps to plan out the following:

  • The purpose of your live stream.
  • The structure and pace of the live stream. Shopping live streams work best when they are at least half an hour to an hour long.
  • The number of products showcased, and the order in which you want them to show up. Doing this can make it easier for you to know what to talk about, and plan your script for the stream.

Holo Taco Lite Mode REVEAL & LAUNCH 🔴LIVE 👀💡

Simply Not Logical uses a live stream to reveal their new line of nail paints, and talks to their viewers through live chat.

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¹Source: Google/Talk Shoppe, U.S., Shopping at the Speed of Culture 2021 study, n=2,000 A18–64 gen. pop. video users, Aug. 2021.

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