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 Create on YouTube from your phone: Videos, Shorts, Live & Posts

All you need to get started on YouTube is a mobile device. You can create high-quality videos with just your mobile device and some creativity.

3 Tips for Filming with a Phone

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Set up your phone

Mobile phone cameras often have an auto and a manual mode. The auto mode is the easiest to get started with. But try out the manual mode if you would like more control over the look of your content.

  • Hold your camera horizontally to shoot in 16:9 high definition.
  • Use the phone‘s rear camera as much as possible because it records at a higher resolution.
  • Turn off notifications while filming to reduce interruptions.
  • Adjust the depth of focus and exposure manually to produce a sharp, clear image.
  • Lock both the exposure and focus to avoid the camera changing brightness and sharpness during your shoot.

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Choose the right lighting

Cameras on mobile devices typically need lots of light. And good lighting helps keep viewers engaged and interested in your video. Consider the limitations of the camera on your mobile device and then arrange your lighting setup to create the effect you’re going for.

  • Soft, even lighting will help your camera’s image sensor maintain detail in the brightest and darkest parts of the image.
  • On sunny days, try shooting in the shade to avoid bright sun and dark shadows.
  • When filming at home, you can capture natural light by setting up your phone near a window.
  • Bounce light onto your subject with a white card or a reflector.
  • Use light to create different moods in your video.

Record quality sound

It’s important that audiences can watch your video and understand what the characters are saying. Quality sound can also cut time in editing, so it will help to get it right on the day of your shoot.

  • Try placing your subject as close to the microphone as you can.
  • Think through your shooting locations so that your subject can enter or move around within a shot without creating extra noise, which can be distracting.
  • Consider using an external microphone to improve your sound quality when filming in a noisy environment.
  • Locate your phone’s microphone so you don’t cover it when shooting.
  • Improve voice quality by covering hard flat surfaces in your environment with softer materials like cloth and pillows.

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Make the most out of your phone

Phones are small. Which means you can get shots you can’t achieve with a bulkier DSLR or camcorder. And you’re not just limited to filming on your phone—you can edit and upload videos from them too.

  • Take exciting shots. A selfie stick will allow you to film yourself when walking around, while a gorilla pod can give you the freedom to attach your phone anywhere.
  • Experiment with different looks for your video by using clip-on macro or fisheye lenses compatible with your phone.
  • Try setting your camera in unusual locations to achieve unique shots.

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We recommend

  • Take a photo of yourself with your mobile where you intend to record - this will show you what your background will look like on video.
  • Reduce background noise by turning off fans, closing windows, and turning off notifications on your phone.

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