Apply to be a source in YouTube health features

At YouTube, we’re committed to connecting viewers with health content from authoritative sources. As our health features grow, we’re looking to expand the types of health sources used in some of our health features. To expand eligibility for authoritative sources, we’re introducing an application process for health-focused YouTube channels.

To inform this process, we worked with third-party health authorities to define principles for how creators share health info online. These health authorities include:

  • Council of Medical Specialty Societies (CMSS)
  • The National Academy of Medicine (NAM)
  • The World Health Organization (WHO)

Individuals, companies, and nonprofits with health-focused YouTube channels can apply for consideration in these features. Applicants will be vetted against eligibility criteria outlined below. Right now, certain types of for profit healthcare brands are not eligible.

Note: Channels with pre-existing, standardized vetting mechanisms such as accredited hospitals, academic medical institutions, public health departments, and government organizations do not need to apply since they are eligible based on the principles outlined by experts convened by NAM, and verified by the WHO.

Applicants who meet our criteria will be eligible for the:

We’re piloting this process in the United States and Germany, and hope to bring this process to more countries/regions in the future. We’re also working on ways to expand eligibility to more types of health sources.

Minimum eligibility requirements

  • Attest to the Health Information Sharing Principles. Experts convened by CMSS, NAM, and The WHO developed these principles outlining key aspects of info sharing. These aspects help define what it means to be a credible source of health info on social media.
  • Be licensed in one of these health professions in the country/region that you’re applying to be an authoritative source. For example, you must be a licensed nurse in the United States to be eligible for the health features in the United States. If you’re applying on behalf of an organization, you must be a licensed professional in one of these professions. You must also have oversight and review of the content your organization posts on YouTube.
    • Licensed Doctor (eligible to practice medicine in the relevant country)
    • Licensed Nurse / Registered Nurse (US only)
    • Licensed Psychologist or equivalent
    • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist or equivalent
    • Licensed Clinical Social Worker or equivalent
Note: LegitScript, a third-party partner, will coordinate license verification when you apply. LegitScript may work with other licensing bodies and related organizations to verify licensing in each country/region. For example, in the US, LegitScript may work with The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB), PsychHub and other related organizations.


Also, you or your organization’s associated YouTube channel must:

How to apply

If you, or a representative from your organization, meet the above eligibility criteria, you are welcome to apply here. We’ll get back to you with a decision once your channel is reviewed (typically in about 1-2 months). Accepted applicants may become eligible to start surfacing in select features in early 2023

Accepted applicants are periodically reassessed. If you, or the channel, no longer meet the eligibility criteria, you may no longer be eligible for certain YouTube Health features.

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