Respond to a counter notification

When content is removed due to a copyright removal request, the uploader of that content, or an authorized representative, may submit a copyright counter notification. This is a legal request to reinstate content that was removed due to an alleged mistake or misidentification.

Counter notifications are forwarded to the claimant (who submitted the original removal request) for response if:

  • All legal requirements are met
  • The uploader clearly explains their right to use the content
Claimants have 10 US business days to reply with evidence of legal action taken to keep the content at issue from being reinstated to YouTube.

Get evidence of legal action

To respond to a counter notification, claimants must include evidence that one of the following legal actions has been taken:

  • An action seeking a court order against the uploader to restrain the allegedly infringing activity (not just a claim for damages).
  • A claim of copyright infringement against the uploader (if such uploader is based within the United States) with the US Copyright Office’s Copyright Claims Board (CCB), where applicable.

The claimant's action or claim should name the uploader and the specific content at issue, such as YouTube video URLs. Acceptable evidence could include a copy of one of the following:

  • Lawsuit
  • Court order
  • CCB claim
  • Determination of infringement from the CCB

Lawsuits should be filed in courts that have the jurisdiction to review copyright cases. For lawsuits filed in the United States, we can only accept filings in US federal courts.

Do not submit false information. Misuse of our processes, such as submitting fraudulent documents, may result in the suspension of your account or other legal consequences.

Respond via email

To respond to a counter notification:

  1. Get a copy of the evidence of legal action as described above.
    • Links to cloud stored files, such as Google Drive links, cannot be accepted.
  2. Go to the counter notification email forwarded from YouTube.
    • Counter notifications are sent to the email address that was used to submit the original removal request. 
  3. Reply directly to the email with the copy of the evidence.
    • Do not send your reply as a new email to YouTube.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How long do I have to respond to a counter notification?
Claimants have 10 US business days to reply to the counter notification email with the required evidence of legal action.
What happens after I’ve submitted evidence of legal action?
The content at issue will not be reinstated to YouTube while legal action is pending. Also, the claim of copyright infringement and the counter notification are considered unresolved while legal action is pending.
If I don’t respond to a counter notification, what happens?
If a claimant doesn’t respond to a counter notification, or if evidence is insufficient or missing, the content at issue may be reinstated to YouTube.

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