Showcase products from your store on YouTube

YouTube Shopping allows eligible creators to showcase their products and official branded merchandise on YouTube. Viewers in these locations can browse and buy your products across these surfaces on YouTube:

  • Your channel’s store
  • Product shelf below or next to your videos and live streams
  • Shopping button in your videos, Shorts, and live streams
  • As a pinned product in live streams

In YouTube Studio, you can organize your products to display across these surfaces. With channel level and individual video arrangements, you can customize the order of your products to fit your needs.

YouTube Shopping: Tag & Sell Products from Your Store

Select products for your channel

You automatically get a product shelf for your entire channel and a Store tab in your channel homepage when you connect a store, and have at least one item eligible to be displayed. The product shelf and the Store tab showcase your eligible products from the Shopping tab of YouTube Studio.

The display order for your products is optimized for engagement and automated based on various factors, such as price, popularity, and availability. You can select the products to display in a certain order for your entire channel and store.

Note: If you arrange the products for your channel, by default individual videos will use the same items and follow the same order.
Channel level arrangements don’t apply to live streams.

Customize the display order for your entire channel and store in YouTube Studio:

  1. Click Earn.
  2. Click the Shopping tab. 
    1. If you’re changing the default selection for the first time, click Create own selection.
    2. If you're changing a previous select, click Customize.
  3. Drag, drop, and order up to 30 items.
  4. Click Save.

You can go back to automatic arrangement for your channel and store in the Earn section of YouTube Studio: Click the Shopping tab and then Back to auto selection and then Save.

Link to your channel store

You can link to your Store tab by copy and pasting its URL in comments, description, and Community posts. You can also add a link to your channel store in video descriptions and on other media channels. When viewers click the link, they get a preview of the items in your store, without interrupting their watching experience. Once viewers are ready to buy, they can click again to go to your store and complete their purchase.

Select products for specific content

You can tag and rearrange up to 30 items for individual videos or Shorts to trigger a more customized shopping experience for your audience. You can also choose to tag and rearrange up to 30 items for a live stream.

Remove Shopping features from your channel or specific content

Shopping features that showcase your products can be removed from your entire channel (including your store). You can also disconnect your store at any time.

If you want to remove Shopping features from an individual video or Short, untag all products from the video or Short. To remove Shopping features from your entire channel and store, you can make the change in YouTube Studio.

Remove Shopping features from your channel

Use a computer to remove Shopping features from your entire channel in YouTube Studio:

  1. In the left Menu, click Earn.
  2. Click the Shopping tab.
  3. Temporarily remove the product shelf by turning off the “Shopping” switch.

Use the YouTube Studio mobile app "" for Android or iPhone to remove Shopping features from your entire channel:

  1. In the bottom menu, tap Earn.
  2. Tap the Shopping tab.
  3. Tap More  next to the “Products on channel” section.
Tap Turn off "" and then Turn off.

Manage issues with your products

When you create or modify your items with a supported retailer or platform, the items are reviewed for compliance with our policies. This review typically takes a few business days.

Find the review status for your items in YouTube Studio:

  1. In the left menu, click Earn.
  2. Click the Shopping tab.
  3. Click Organize on the “status card.”
Note: Your products will automatically undergo review for compliance with our Google Merchant Center policies and YouTube policies. Unless the products are approved by both sets of policies, the products will not display in YouTube Studio. Any changes to an item (including, but not limited to title, description, or image) will trigger a new compliance review of the item. This review typically takes a few business days.

For questions about specific items not appearing in the “Organize items” panel, reach out to your merch retailer or platform.

Keep in mind that Shopping features won’t show on your content if:

  • Your content's audience is set as made for kids.
  • Your content already shows Ticketing or Donations.
  • Your content has a copyright claim against it.
  • Your viewer is not in an eligible country/region.
  • Your viewer is watching your content on a mobile browser, smart TV, or game console.
  • You have no approved, in-stock items.
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