Moderate comments on your channel


If other YouTube users can post comments on your videos or channel, you can use tools to moderate or remove those comments.

Take action on comments

Remove, report, or hide comments

When someone comments on your video, you'll get a notification. Click the arrow in the upper right of the comment to manage comments:

  • Remove: Take down the comment and replies from YouTube. If the comment was also shared on Google+, it will still be visible there.
  • Report spam or abuse: Report comments that you believe are spam or abuse to the YouTube team.
  • Hide from channel: Block the user from posting comments on videos on your channel. If you change your mind, you can remove the user from the hidden users list in your community settings.
Review comments filtered as spam

If someone leaves a comment that looks like spam, you'll see a blue banner on the channel or video. You can review, approve, or delete these comments.

Go to Creator Studio > Community > Comments or and look under the Likely spam tab.

Hold comments for approval

You can require that all new comments get approved before they're posted to your video or channel.

Video comments

  1. Find the video in the Video Manager.
  2. Under the video, click Edit.
  3. Click Advanced Settings.
  4. Under "Allow comments," select Approved.

Channel comments

Follow the instructions to turn this on for your channel in your Channel Navigation settings.

Learn how to use additional filtering tools to help you proactively moderate comments.

Use the YouTube Creator Studio App

Remove or flag comments
  1. From the dashboard, tap the navigation guide .
  2. Tap Comments. By default, you'll see all public comments.
  3. To review comments that are pending or marked as spam, tap Settings .
  4. Tap the comment you'd like to review.
  5. You can reply to the comment or like, remove, or flag it.
Moderate comments on a specific video
  1. Go to Videos.
  2. Find and select the video you want to edit.
  3. Scroll down to the comments section.
  4. Tap a comment to review it or scroll down and tap View all to see more.
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