Publish private apps

There are two main ways to publish a private app: from the managed Play iframe in your EMM console or from the Google Play Console. The table below compares the features of each publishing method.

  Managed Play iframe Google Play Console
Host APK with Google Play
Host APK externally
Streamlined publishing*
Distribute to multiple organizations
Make apps public
Transfer apps to another Google Play Developer account
Publish without registration fee‡

*Requires only an APK and title. Most apps are published within 10 minutes, compared to two hours in the Play Console.
✝Configurable in the Play Console, after an app is published from the iframe.
‡Refers to the Play Console registration fee. This fee is waived for iframe users.

Publish private apps using other methods

If your EMM console allows you to publish private apps without using the managed Play iframe, consult your EMM provider for details on which private app features they support.

Some third-party developers may have development tools that allow them to publish private apps. If this is the case, contact them for details on which private app features they support.