What's new in Android Enterprise

  1. What's new in Android Enterprise: May/June 2021

    Android Management API Programmatic enterprise creation You can now create an enterprise in the Android Management API without needing to visit Managed Google Play sign-up page and doesn’t require a Google account. Managed Google Play Simplified and unified private apps publishing The private apps publishing requirements and policies are now standardized across all publishing methods: Google Play Console, Managed Google Play iframe, and Google Play Custom App Publishing API. Regardless of the publishing method used, the following rules apply: Only the app title is required. No additional metad…
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  2. What's new in Android Enterprise: January 25, 2021

    Android Enterprise Essentials Android Enterprise Essentials, a secure mobile management service built by the Android team to make it easy to protect your business devices and data. We’ve leveraged our experience building Android Enterprise device management and security tools for the world’s largest organizations, and distilled this functionality down to a critical set of default features designed for businesses with simpler needs and smaller budgets. Some of the key features include: Requiring a lock screen and encryption on devices to prevent unauthorized access to company data. Enforcing ma…
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  3. What's new in Android Enterprise: December 14, 2020

    Zero-touch enrollment expanded availability Zero-touch enrollment is now available on Android 9.0+ devices. With this update, recent devices — including Samsung devices — will support zero-touch. If you’re deploying Samsung devices you can now choose between two services: Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment or zero-touch, depending on your needs and preferences. Learn more about it on our blog post. Availability: Available via zero-touch enrollment resellers. Contact your reseller to begin enrolling new and existing devices. If your current device reseller does not offer zero-touch enrollment, dire…
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  4. Upcoming Android Enterprise features

    Last updated on June 24, 2021. This article lists the Android Enterprise features that are in development but not yet released. Planned availability dates are tentative and subject to change. Managed Google Play Improvements to the managed configurations iframe The managed configurations iframe will be improved to address new user needs: It will be possible to leave a property unset in a configuration. Currently a property is always set, either to a non-default value or to its default value (for example a boolean property can be set to true or false). With this change, it will be possible to n…
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