Setup overview

An IT admin needs to set up Android for your organization before you can use Android's enterprise-specific functionality. The setup includes using an enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider. The EMM provider helps manage mobile devices, network settings, and other mobile services. 

Setup options

The setup differs depending on what type of G Suite, Cloud Identity, or managed Google Account you have, or if you use managed Google Play Accounts. The type of account you have determines if you can use Google Mobile Management or a third-party EMM provider. G Suite customers can choose to use either.

Setup with Google Mobile Management–Only G Suite customers can use Google Mobile Management as their EMM provider.

Setup with a third-party EMM provider–Customers with other accounts associated with a Google service, such as a managed Google Account, need to use a third-party EMM provider.

If you want to use Android but you don't have a G Suite or Managed Google Account, you can set it up using managed Google Play Accounts. To do this, you must have a third-party EMM provider.


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