About Android in your organization

Android powers a mobile, connected workforce. With multiple layers of security, Google intelligence at work, and the ability to tailor a solution for your needs.

Cloud Identity and G Suite customers can use Android features through their choice of enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider, either Google Mobile Management or a third-party EMM provider. Customers who don’t have Cloud Identity or G Suite must use a third-party EMM provider.

EMM providers are companies that offer advanced IT solutions for mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management, mobile expense management, and more. Google provides APIs  for third-party EMM providers to build Android solutions.

Solutions built on Android include these benefits:

  • Data security—Business data is separated in a work profile and protected device-wide on work-managed devices. IT can apply data leakage prevention policies. 
  • Apps security—Work apps are deployed through managed Google Play. IT can prevent installation of apps from unknown sources and apply app configurations.
  • Device security—Android devices are protected with disk encryption, lockscreen, remote attestation services, and hardware-backed keystore when available.
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