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Pamela Fellers

OK Google options missing

My OK Google stopped working properly today. I went to check the settings and I am missing the options to have the voice command from any screen.  The only option I have is to turn it on and off from the search bar. I don't know what happened to it.  It was there yesterday and now it's not.  My husband has the same phone and his is fine. (his doesn't work anymore either. stopped a day after mine did)
Samsung S6

Google is aware of and ignoring this problem. The "BEST ANSWER" below is not actually and answer but instead a placation from some supposed Google lackey that issues form responses to crap they can't or won't help with. If you are looking for a way to make your OK Google everywhere work on your S6/S6Edge, you won't find an answer here. Just speculation and failed attempts.
-Factory Reset - doesn't work
-clearing cache - doesn't work
-uninstalling updates - doesn't work
-updating - doesn't work
-using a different service/launcher - doesn't work
***NOTHING*** will bring back your OK Google everywhere function if you are using the GS6/edge. Period. You can add yourself to the list here but don't expect any type of customer service or support from Google or Samsung regarding this issue. They have become the man behind the curtain on this one. 

It works! Thanks AJ and google! 

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Ishant Sanura
Ishant Sanura

Hi Pamela Fellers !

Thank you for reporting and welcome to Google Search Help Forum ! Hope you have a nice day :)

  • Could you let me know what version of the Google Search app you're running?
  • Ok Google from any screen is only available in the US in English (US). So your phone's language settings need to be set to English (US).)
  • Have you tried clearing the app's cache and data within your phone settings?

I hope this helps you, let me know how this goes!



Linda Zheng
Linda Zheng
I am also having the issue. My google now detection only allows "from the google app". I don't even have the options for "from any screen" or "personal results". I also have the galaxy s6 (edge). I have also tried clearing app data and cache, and I am upgraded to the latest android, as well as google version from the play store.
I'm also getting the same issue as of yesterday using a Galaxy S6 and the latest Google Search app/Play Services. Clearing data on each/uninstalling updates didn't fix it either.
I still have the options available on my Galaxy Note 8 however (GT-N5110 running Android 4.4.2).
Thanks for the info Pamela. I booted into Safe Mode and still couldn't see the other options unfortunately though. I hadn't installed/updated any apps prior to this occurring either, it just happened overnight. Which is why I think it's a Play Services issue in my case.
745 MORE
Hi all, just wanted to provide a quick update on this thread which was originally created about 'OK Google' from any screen on S6/S6 Edge devices. This specific issue has been resolved since May 2015, and since then this post has received a number of unrelated posts and feature requests. 

If you have any new questions or concerns to report about the 'OK Google' functionality, please create a new thread for discussion by clicking on the 'New Topic' button in the search forum. Our experts will be able to review your inquiry and provide you the best assistance that way, as this thread has gotten rather off-track from the original post and is not being actively reviewed. Thank you!

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