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My phone number is being associated with images that aren’t of me When I type my number into google images it comes up with several ads for an escort. Now when you cl…
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Why is Welsh (Cymreig) not a language option in the Google search language options? In the language settings for Google search I was tired of my searches in Welsh being auto corrected …
0 Recommended Answers 2 Replies 1 Upvote
How do i set GOOGLE GO as the default browser and not CHROME??? I cant seem in any way to set google go as a default, Google go is better than google chrome and les…
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How can download google word coach I want to download google word coach My results are loading twice, after reload some results are removed and ads are appearing at the top Tried to find a setting that influences this without succes. And tried to find solutions on google w… Overlapping text in Safari Google search on iPad after installation of 3.3.1. Google or Apple issue? Searching on iPad using Safari and Google. Results come up with overlapping text with iPad on portra…
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Why did google stop opening up my iPhone maps app when I click on directions? As of recently whenever I search for something in the google search app on my iPhone, instead of ope…
0 Recommended Answers 25 Replies 73 Upvotes
I can't keep search.yahoo from redirecting my google searches I am trying to remove the yahoo search redirect. Even though I have google clicked as my preferred s…
0 Recommended Answers 12 Replies 58 Upvotes
Previous Searches suddenly appearing on google homepage even though everything is cleared & paused? After months of use after initially setting up my account, old searches are suddenly appearing in th…
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Google Search is displaying the wrong language in its results I am in Canada and for some reason Google is forcing results in French on me. I do not speak French,… Search Engine Keeps Changing Hello, I have had Google Chrome for quite a while on my Mac computer without any problems. I only us… How do I go about creating a new folder on my android desktop to store some apps in and clean up my I have searched in chrome help for the answer but can't seem to find the resolve.
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When directed to website, only a white page appears, no visuals or links. would like to restore to previous screens where visuals and links work. White page with very little …
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Can I take s photo and show Google Rather take.photo to sure Google
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Why am I getting overlapping text in my Google search results Both my wife and myself have just started to get overlapping text on our Google search results. Both…
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Removal of outdated content #2 Hello. Sorry for posting another thread about this, OptimistPrime. I assume my previous thread have …
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I want a refund Pure flix billed me and took funds unauthorized by me Brenda McClellan. Need refund and stop payment… Why there's no doodle dedicated to the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, today? Everyday there's a doodle for everything, I'm pretty puzzled not to have found an important doodle s… How can we block games in search results at a school? We use G Suite for education at a school. We have all the games blocked using Mobile Guardian (we us…
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Blank page for Podcat publisher link I cant see the Google Podcast Publisher page. I created my podcast channel via Anchor at January. Bu…
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