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Search within results link: gone but still alive

Hello Web Searchers,

As you may have noticed, the Search within results link no longer appears at the bottom of your search results page. Right now you might be thinking, 'What? No way! How am I going to narrow down my results now that it's gone?' Well have no fear - I've got a little secret for you: when you used to click on the Search within results link and type in additional search terms, you weren't actually searching within your previous list of results. In reality, your new search terms were simply added on to your original entry and then another search was performed. We've eliminated that extra step you used to take to modify your results.

I used to search for [dogs], click the Search within results link, and then enter [small brown]. The results I saw were exactly the same results I would have seen if I had simply searched for [dogs small brown] in the first place. 

This means that although the link is gone, the functionality of Search within results lives on (that is, you can always add more terms to you query!). Please let me know if you have any questions about how this link used to work and how you can get your desired results.

Happy searching!

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No that is NOT happy searching.  I use the search within results as a TOOL and am organizing my thoughts as I research a topic.  THIS IS NOT A SATISFACTORY ANSWER.  BRING BACK MY SEARCH WITHIN RESULTS.  WHAT IF I WANT TO SEARCH THE RESULTS AFTER DOG SMALL BROWN?  BRING IT BACK NOW!
Kelly's answer is company boiler plate. Shannon and I have the same perspective.

Bring back the original.If it so much "the same" it should be a simple coding change.

Been through this with you before. Your way or the highway?
How about another search engine?

No, No instant does not get the same results if you just keep typing. I know, as I know what I was getting this afternoon and what I am getting now.

The results that I got from an earlier search is now not showing up. I want "search within" back.

I do history and genealogy searches and until today had the best experience and the most useful results with Google. Please bring back "search within" as even the advanced search does not have the same results one could obtain by putting a name in the first search and then using a series of dates, places and/or other names to get the results I wanted. I am so disappointed in your present product!

In your attempt to be like the other search engines, you have done away with one of the advantages to using Google! I am now searching for a new search engine. You assume that every name I search for now is for a live human with whom I want to social network - history - and I don't mean the computer's history is lost in the new Google.

When I put parentheses around a term to search I did not get the same results that I got earlier today. In fact, one of the sites is the same listed earlier, but the description does not even show me that term in the context of being used on the website which is very important to know if I want to click on that link or not.

Please bring back "search within." Maybe you need to highlight it instead of sticking it on the bottom of the search results. I recently showed someone how to use it and they were surprised at the results and did not even know it was there!     If you failed to see people using it, most probably did not know it was there!

In my search for another search engine, I will check back from time to time to see if you reinstate "search within." Please, at least give us an option to use it or not.

I agree with all the above entries.  The new search results are not the same and are not nearly as defining.  Bring back the search within results or I and many other users will find a better search engine.  
The Google employee is absolutely incorrect in his/her boilerplated answer. The search results are NOT the same.

Before, I could find just about ANYTHING on google. Now, with their "superior" in-your-face-whether-you-like-it-or-not searching, I can find nothing.

I used to be the one people came to find obscure information, and if I couldn't find it with Google, it probably wasn't out there. Now, I can't find anything.

Only one word describes Google now...   Sucks.

Kathleen Williams

287 MORE
How could I add more search parameters to an Allintitle search for elements not in the title?

thank you
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