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Why are Google Alerts full of spam and fake links?

Lately, my Google Alerts are full of spam. It's shameful how GA is used to promote garbage links. 
Google Alerts for "rheumatoid arthritis" are full of spam links, dozens of them forwarding to the same exact site with no information. If Google will get a human to do what I've done for hours & check these links, they'll see the system needs to be adjusted. Full of dead ends, and very little information or news. Very disappointing.

Is there a better place to report this? Please advise.

Kelly Young
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Hi KellyYoung,

Thanks for posting in the Google Search Help Forum.  I'm curious, what is the link that you're being redirected to?  You can use some of the Webmaster Tools to report bad links (spam, paid links, malware) in this case and hopefully that'll remove those from the GA results.

Other than that this would be one of the places to leave feedback.  But if you go to: www.google.com/alerts and scroll all the way down there should be a feedback link there as well.

If you have additional questions or need further clarification please let us know and we'll get back to you.

Hope to hear back soon!

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I am having the same issue.
As chairman of a charity devoted to Barrett's Oesophagus, I have an alert set to receive any new information published on the subject.
Daily I receive alerts of this sort: http://moidilo.ru/misawyhi.pdf purporting to be a new e-book published with an appealing title and lots of supposed reviews. But they are all fake.
How can I stop getting spam? I don't want to remove the alert or I may miss something of import.

Chris Robinson (www.BarrettsWessex.org.uk)

Mo Gaudet
Mo Gaudet

We came across something interesting which we have reported to Google via Webmaster Tools and that is our president & CEO received a Google Alert purportedly on our company. His alert is for "BMG Bullion" When you clicked on the link (see image attached) the site has somehow grabbed the text of our content and displayed in a page that has been indexed by Google. 

When you visit the site: http://katvipacomku.dynu.com/silver-bullion-in-toronto-744.html it lists a whole bunch of other companies as well. We did not create this and I am wondering what effect this has on our site?

On a related note, the URL http://katvipacomku.dynu.com/ is simply a random URL that uses a service (dynu.com) that dynamically points the http://katvipacomku.dynu.com/ URL at an IP that changes, so this is very shady.  Anything we can do to eliminate these people from linking to our content would be advisable. 

Look forward to hearing from anyone. Warm regards,

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