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Phill Hall

I have just discovered that google is censoring my search results

The other day a friend of mine commented that you couldn't type certain words in a search engine without being inundated with porn. One of the combination of words she said she'd typed in - for research purposes - gave her an almost infinite number of porn links.
Thinking this to be a massive overreaction, I typed the same words into Google Search engine and found about five porn 'references' but no actual explicit images. I checked to ensure that safe search was off - it was - and I tried again using similar combinations of words.
I then proceeded to tell my friend she didn't know what she was talking about; that I'd done the same and I had got barely anything that was rude or offensive. We argued about me having safe search switched on. I said I'd already ensured it was switched off.
Tonight, while researching something, the words I put in the search engine should, according to my friend, should also have yielded acres of porn, instead I got nothing remotely pornographic - this time she was sitting next to me and checked that I had safe search off. I did.
She suggested I type 'pornography' in and bingo, lots of soft porn. However type a word such as 'ejaculation' and you get nothing but anatomical illustrations and drawings, tastefully done. type 'hentai' you get lots of Japanese manga filth, type 'women's restroom camera' and you get nothing at all remotely rude. My friend raged at this last one; opened Bing up typed the same things as we had typed into google - and the only conclusion we came to (if you'll excuse the pun) was that google is censoring searches prior to the safe search option, because Bing had pages of hardcore porn relating to everything we typed in.
Not content with screwing up the browser meaning many solo users lost bookmarks. Not content with screwing up the maps so no one older than 12 wants to use them any more. Now you surreptitiously censor the search engines; presumably this is because you have to protect us?
Why has this been done?
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it's not really "censorship" it is called personalization. try these tipps:

yes, everybody gets different results, thats how Google works.

the rest of your complaint, i'm sure that i don't understand your goal.

regards Seitenmeister
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Phill Hall
I'm not signed in to google and won't now they've rolled out the multi-user option that lost all my bookmarks (that was the relevance of mentioning it)
Therefore a search should not be customised to my needs or wants it should just give me the most popular results by search numbers and it clearly doesn't.
I have since compared Bing and google on other things, including UK politics and google is censoring me from seeing anti-conservative blogs and articles.
I'm finding Bing considerably more fun, even if I don't like the ways they lay their image answers out. I'm slowly weaning myself off google as that is the only outcome here - complaining to google is like a grain of sand in an ocean of universes.
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Phill Hall
However, I did try your tips and we're all being conned by Google. they are controlling what we see. I went into incognito mode and I virtually got the same results. I went onto Bing and got a completely different - more relevant - set of results.
Google is simply censoring us; preventing us from seeing what it doesn't want us to have or see.
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