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Robin Cline

Can't make voice requested calls from my bluetooth device using Google Assistant

  Google assistant, which is running on my blue tooth device (An Android Car Radio) can't complete my voice request to make a call from my phone. The device is paired to and connected to my phone and its WiFi hot spot. Google assistant says its calling, but my phone never actually makes the call. If I try a search for lets say a restaurant and try to call it from the results page, it says it can't find the open URL.But if I manually call a contact from googles copy of my contact list, the call will go through.
If I request google map directions,from a voice search,  it goes right to navigation just fine. I can also accept an incoming call with my blue tooth device, request navigation directions from a voice search and ask for information using voice from " Okay Google" and search button. It doesn't seem to matter if my phone screen is locked or not, and it appears that my blue tooth device can't access my phone to make the final steps required to call out. Anyone see this complex problem before? What was your fix ?

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Ricky - Community Specialist
Ricky - Community Specialist
Hello Robin,

Welcome to the Google Search and Assistant Help Forum!

Could you please let me know are you using Android Auto app to connect your phone to the unit in your vehicle?

Let me know how it goes.

Original Poster
Robin Cline

 Below is my response to your email with suggestions.

1 - Clear the cache and data of the Google App: Settings > Apps > Google App 
> Storage > Clear Cache and then tap on Manage Space > Clear All Data.
   Please note that this will delete all the preferences of the Google App including the widgets.   **  X  No Change  **
2 - Check if the Google app is updated to the latest version. To check, visit Play Store and go to the Google App page If you see update button, try updating the app that may help resolve this issue.   X   **  App does not show current version, I updated App but it made no difference. **
3 - If the app is updated to latest version, uninstalling the update may help resolve the issue. Here's how: Go to device Settings > Apps or application manager > Google app > tap on the menu icon (three vertical dots) on top right corner > Uninstall updates.   X   **  Updated, No change, I uninstalled updates, still no change  ** 
4 - If that doesn't help, go to Settings > Apps > Google App > Disable.  Later you can tap on Enable (If you have an option to uninstall the Google
     App, please uninstall and reinstall the app.)  X  **There is no option to Uninstall Google App on my bluetooth device. ** 
5 - Please let me know whether you're using *Android Auto* app.  X  **  NO I am not using Android Auto  **
More details:
  - My device will not dial out from a voice search page and shows error : " Can not find App to open URL "
  - My device will not Dial out from Voice commands to call a contacts from my google contact list.Device.  
  - My device says its dialing the person and give me the number its dialing, but never actually connects to my phone to complete the call.
    However, both the voice and " Okay Google " commands work for other searches, questions and navigation just fine.
  - Currently, I have my device manually connected Via bluetooth and attached to my android phone's wireless Hot spot. 
    Can the way you connect your phone to the device, affect google assistant's ability to accesses the phone? If so, what is the best way to link my device 
    to my phone and Wifi hot spot to my car radio or bluetooth device?
  - I have seen other ways to connect such as " Easy connect " .  When trying this method, I've only been successful in completing step #1, but failed steps 2 & 3                  because it wants me to connect a USB cable and go into a debugger mode, which I can't find on my Samsung S5 phone. 

Please advise .....  Rob
Ricky - Community Specialist
Ricky - Community Specialist
Hello Robin,

Thanks for writing back to me. Just to confirm is your phone connected to your car device via Bluetooth? If yes, I'd suggest you try the below troubleshooting steps which might help you fix general Bluetooth connectivity issues:
  1. Try rebooting your phone to give it a fresh start and see if the issue persists.
  2. Reset your car device and try unpairing all your Bluetooth devices from the existing Bluetooth devices list and then connect your phone to your car through Bluetooth.
  3. Try rebooting your phone in safe mode and then connecting it to your car. Rebooting in safe mode disables any third-party apps and gives you access to only pre-installed apps on your phone. This is to test if one of the third-party apps is misbehaving and causing the Bluetooth connectivity issues.
  4. Try resetting the network settings on your device. To do so: Open your device's Settings > Under "Wireless & networks," tap on More > Tap Network settings reset > Tap reset settings. (Please note that this action will reset all network settings including Wi-Fi, Cellular and Bluetooth, which means you will need to re-enter the Wi-Fi credentials manually and re-pair all your Bluetooth devices.)
Let me know how this works.

I have the identical issue as Robin described. I bought an Android 8.0 based stereo for my car. It pairs to my iPhone over Bluetooth. I installed Google Assistant version 0.1.187945513 and when I give it a "call {contact name}" command, it says its calling but never does. I can manually call over the Bluetooth using the keypad dialer application so the Bluetooth connection to my iPhone is working fine. Another issue is that I can not send a text using a voice command "text {contact name} I'll be there soon". It prompts me if I want to edit or send it, and when I say "send" it says "Message could not be sent".
I am not running Android Auto on my car stereo or on my phone.

I appled as a beta tester for the "Google" app, and am now running the latest beta version of it with the same results. Is it possible to become a beta tester for Google Assistant as well?

I have tried all the suggestions posted by Ricky, and it did not help.

 I've read that other users of multiple brands of Android based car stereos have the identical issue. One thread on the subject suggested that it could be a limitation of the Bluetooth dialer software that are provided with these car stereos, specifically that their installers enbedded AndroidManifest.xlm file needs a line that says <action android:name="android.intent.action.CALL" /> in order to grant other applications to pass it a phone number to dial. Could someone at Google confirm if this could be the issue or not?
Robin Cline, I found a partial solution / work around to your issue. There is an open source hands-free dialer app called MtcDialer which acts as an interface between your Bluetooth connection and and Google Voice Assistant (Google Now, "OK Google", Google Assistant). when started It will prompt you to say the name of the contact you would like to call, and then uses Google's voice service to fetch the contact name spoken, and then sends the dial command through the Bluetooth connection without being denied permission by Android. - because it contains the <action android:name="android.intent.action.CALL"> statement in its AndroidManifest.xml. MciDialer should work with most of the current Android head units, (Joying, Pumpkin, Xtrons, Dazhong, EinCar, Corehan, etc.)


If your car has steering wheel control buttons, and your head unit includes steering wheel button assignment you could program one of those buttons to launch MTCdialer when you want to make a hands-free call to anyone in your contact list. It will only accept contact names to dial however, so you can not give it a phone number to dial.

Hopefully the wise folks at Google will take this issue to heart, and add an error checking routine so that when the Google's voice service fails to send the "call {contact name}" command over the default Bluetooth dialer, it opens a dialog that allows the user to choose a different Bluetooth dialer. Perhaps Google could ask the user if they would like to change their default dialer to be  MtcDialer :-)  From what I've read, MtcDialer also functions as a stand alone dialer, and was able to be configured as the default driver in (now defunct) Google Now, so there should be a way to define it in Google Assistant I would think.

There is a similar texting issue in Google Assistant when you tell it "Hey Google, text mom I'll be there soon". Assistant displays the message it "sent",  but the text message never gets sent though Bluetooth to the phone, so seconds later Assistant will tell you "Message couldn't be sent. I'm not sure if texts are also handled by the dialer or something else, but it's likely also related to not having the right permissions set in the AndroidManifest.xlm located within the app's .APK file.

Mike Ehlert
PC Micro Systems, Inc.

bluequoll (Google Search)
bluequoll (Google Search)
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