Remove content about me on sites with exploitative removal practices from Google

We recognize that it can be distressing when content about you is posted by others on websites. There is additional angst in discovering that you have to pay money directly to the sites or to other agencies to get the content removed.

Upon request, under some circumstances, we may remove links to such content from Google search results. So that we can help you, please make sure that your request meets these requirements for us to consider it for removal.

  • You are the subject of the content in the submitted URL,
  • The website is not a business review site, and
  • The website has removal practices that necessitate payment to have content removed.

To request that this content be removed from Google search results, please use this form . You may also have an authorized representative complete the form on your behalf.  Your authorized representative must explain how they have the authority to act on your behalf. 

It is important to remember that  the removal of a specific page from Google’s search results does not remove that page from the web itself. Even if Google takes action, the webpage hosting the content may still exist and be accessible, including through other search engines.

Tips for filling out the form

  1. Under the section for which type of content you would like to remove, select "Content about me on sites with exploitative removal practices"
  2. For removal, you'll need to provide the following information: 
    • Your full name 
    • Contact email address 
    • URL for where the content is live, if applicable 
    • A sample URL of Google search results where the content appears 
    • Screenshots of the offending content, which will help us ensure that we are removing the correct results. We encourage you to use image-editing software to obscure any sexually explicit portions of the screenshots, but please ensure that they will help us identify the specific content you wish to be removed.
    • A description of why you think the site has an exploitative removal practices
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