See where you parked using the Google app

You can see where you last parked your car using the Google app on an Android device. 

What the parking location card shows 

After you get out of your car, you'll see a card in your Google app feed that says "Parking Location." The card shows a map with the approximate location of your car.

To see other locations where you’ve recently parked, tap Previous locations.

Note: Your location data for parking location cards isn’t shared with anyone else.

Get the parking location card to show up 

You'll get parking location cards if you set driving as your main mode of transportation. 

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google app Google Search.
  2. In the bottom right, tap Menu Menu.
  3. Tap Customize.
  4. Under "Commute,"  tap View all settings.
  5. Under "How you usually commute," choose Driving.

Choose when to see parking location cards

  1. When a parking location card shows up in your feed, tap More More.
  2. Answer the questions to choose when to see the card.

I didn't drive. Why do I see a parking location card?

Google uses your device to know when you leave any moving vehicle, so you might see a parking location card if you got out of a bus, taxi, or other car. 

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