Manage suggested articles

When you open a new tab, you’ll find recent bookmarks and suggested “Articles for you.” If you’re signed in to Chrome, suggested articles for you are based on your recent Web & App activity

Learn how to use tabs in Chrome.

If you’re signed in to Chrome on your Android device, your suggested articles are based on how you interact with your Discover feed as well as your recent Web & App activity. 

Learn more about your Web & App activity

Manage your Discover content

When you’re signed in to Chrome, you can get article suggestions based on your preferences and interests. For example, if you indicate that you’re not interested in a topic or publisher, you won’t get suggestions from that topic or publisher again. Suggestions are also based on your interactions with the suggested articles (for example, tapping on or scrolling past). Your preferences will be stored in your Google account so that better suggestions are provided to you in the future. 

You can manage your interactions stored in your Google account at My Activity.

You can manage the activity used to personalize your Discover suggestions:  

Manage suggested article interests

Important: You must be signed-in to Chrome to use these features.

  • To manage interests for all your suggested articles, tap More Organize and then Manage interests.
  • To let Chrome better know your interests, tap More Organize and then Not interested in [topic] or Not interested in [publisher]. 

Turn Discover articles on or off

  1. On your Android phone, open the Chrome app Chrome.
  2. Open a new tab.
  3. Next to "Discover," tap More Organize and then Turn off or Turn on.

Hide or download specific articles

  • To remove an article, at the bottom right of the article, tap More Organize and then Hide Story.
  • To read articles offline:
    1. Touch and hold the article.
    2. Tap Download link.

Learn how to read pages offline.

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