Change your Google app settings

You can change your settings for the Google app, including settings for voice search, past searches, SafeSearch, and notifications. Available settings can vary by device and app version.

Open the settings menu

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open your Google app Google app.
  2. Tap Menu Menu and then Settings.

Settings you can change

Accounts & privacy
  • Google Account: Pick the Google Account you want to use.
    Note: To remove your account from the app, sign out.
  • My activity: See or delete past searches and other activity saved to your Google Account, including things you search for, your voice searches and commands, and places you go. Learn more about My Activity.
  • SafeSearch filter: Filter explicit content from your search results. Learn more about SafeSearch.
Search language

Pick the language for your search results.

Voice search results come in the same language as your voice search.


Change the settings that control voice search and voice actions.

  • Languages: Voice search results come in the same language as your voice search.
  • Speech output: Hear spoken responses to some of your searches.
  • Voice match: Pick on which screens you can say “Ok Google." Learn more about Ok Google.
  • Offline speech recognition: Download more languages to use when you’re not connected to the internet.
  • Block offensive words: Offensive words that you search for will be replaced in the search box with asterisks (*).
  • Bluetooth headset: Use your voice over a Bluetooth headset when one is connected.
Offline search

You can start a search while you're not connected to the internet. When you're connected again, Google will get the results and notify you.

To turn offline search on or off, tap Always retry searches.

  • Show Discover: Turn Discover on or off. If you turn Discover off, you won't see any cards in the Google app, but you can still use the app to search.
  • Manage card history: See or delete your card history, including cards shown in Discover and whether you interacted with them.​ Learn more about managing your card history.
  • Reset Discover preferences: This will turn off any customizations you've created (like your favorite sports teams). It will also turn off Discover on all of your devices.
Videos could start playing automatically without sound. 
You can turn these autoplay video previews on or off. You can also change when they'll play, like on Wi-Fi or mobile.
In apps

To show app information in your search suggestions and results, check one or more of the boxes. For example, if you check the box next to your Contacts app, when you search for your mom’s name, her contact information could appear in search suggestions and results. Learn more about searching in your apps.


 If you turn off location, your search results could be less relevant. And some features won't work.

Learn how to change your Google app location settings or update your location on Google.

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