Use Google Search, Google app & Discover with a work or school account

You can use Google Search, the Google app, and Discover on the Google app or with a work or school account. But you could need to ask your admin to turn on certain settings.

Ask your admin to turn on settings

To get full use of Google Search and the Google app with your work or school account, ask your admin to turn on all of these settings for you.

  1. Search and Assistant Services
    To use your Google Account in Google Search and the Google app, you need "Search and Assistant Services" turned on. Then you can use your Google Account to customize your Search experience.
  2. Web & App Activity
    To use some services in Google Search and the Google app, you need "Web & App Activity" turned on. Then your searches and activity from other Google services save to your Google Account.
  3. Google Now control
    To use Discover on the Google app, if your work or school uses Google Mobile Management, you'll also need "Google Now control" turned on.

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