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Find information in faster & easier ways with AI Overviews in Google Search

Find what you're looking for faster and easier with AI Overviews in search results. AI Overviews can take the work out of searching by providing an AI-generated snapshot with key information and links to dig deeper.

Get AI Overviews in search results

Google Search is gradually making AI Overviews available to more users, in more languages and regions. You'll find AI Overviews in your Google Search results when our systems determine that generative AI can be especially helpful – for example, when you want to quickly understand information from a range of sources.

Important: AI Overviews are powered by generative AI, which is experimental. Learn about generative AI and its limitations.

"AI Overviews and more" in Search Labs

To try even more generative AI capabilities in Search, opt into the “AI Overviews and more” experiment in Search Labs, our testbed for innovation. Learn more about where the “AI Overviews and more” experiment is available. “AI Overviews and more” has replaced the Search Labs experiment known as SGE (Search Generative Experience).

People who turn on this experiment may see AI Overviews on more Google searches and may have access to additional generative AI features in Search. You'll see the Search Labs icon next to AI Overviews when you’ve opted into the “AI Overviews and more” experiment in Search Labs.

Note: Turning off the “AI Overviews and more” experiment in Search Labs will not disable all AI Overviews.

Show only web links in Google Search

AI Overviews are a core Google Search feature, like knowledge panels. Features can’t be turned off. However, you can select the Web filter after you perform a search. This filter displays only text-based links without features like AI Overviews.

Give feedback

If you get an AI Overview that you feel is unsafe, not helpful, inaccurate, or bad for any other reason, you can let us know by submitting feedback. Your feedback will help this experience improve.

  1. At the top right of the overview, click Menu More.
  2. Tap Feedback.
  3. Select the element of the AI overview your feedback is about.
  4. Select the feedback category.
  5. Optional: Add a description.
  6. Click Send.

How data helps Google develop generative AI in Search

To develop and improve generative AI experiences in Search and the related machine learning technologies, Google uses people's interactions with Search and these AI experiences. This can include interactions like what people search for and what feedback they provide to Google. With user feedback and human reviews, we evaluate and improve the quality of our results and products responsibly.

When trained reviewers work to improve the quality of Search’s machine learning models, we take a number of precautions to protect users’ privacy:

  • Data that reviewers see and annotate are disconnected from users’ accounts.
  • Automated tools help recognize and remove a broad range of identifying info and sensitive personal information.

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