Notes is winding down at the end of July 2024. If you created a note, your notes content is available to download using Google Takeout through the end of August 2024.

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Find & post notes on Google results

After you get notes in Search Labs, you can view, create, and share notes on content in Google Search results and Google Discover.

Currently, this experiment is available to a limited number of people in the US and India in English and Hindi only.

Why create a note?

Use notes

You can use notes to share your perspective on content that's in Google results. Notes are public and are attached to a specific search result or discover article. Notes you post are added to your profile, which also contains media reviews you've posted on Google.


  • You can view notes on any device.
  • Notes can only be created with the Google app on Android phones and iPhones.
  • Users with approved access to notes in Search Labs can view and create notes.

Find notes

Tip: You can view notes on the Google app or when you search the web on your computer or mobile device.

When you open a notes page, you can find:

  • All eligible notes for that result.
  • The number of notes left by other users.

To open a notes page, under the search result, tap Notes.

View notes

  • To view notes: At the top left, tap your Profile picture.
  • To view notes in full screen mode: Tap the notes you want to view.
  • To view other notes for the same result: On your Android phone, swipe left or right.
  • To exit the note viewer: At the top right, tap Close Remove.
  • To report notes or share feedback: At the top of the note, tap More More.

Go to the web page or content a note is related to

  • To view the web page related to a note: At the bottom of the note, tap the link section.
  • To view the source content: Pull the link upward.

Like, save & share notes

While you view an individual note in full screen mode, you can:

Add a note

When you sign in to the Google app, you can create a note.

Create a note from Google Search or Discover results

To open the notes editor, at the bottom of the result, tap Add Note.

To open notes on an individual result:

  1. On the result, tap More More.
  2. Under "More options," tap Add Note.

Create a note while you view content on the Google app

  1. Tap the content you want to view, like an article or video.
  2. At the top right, tap Add Note.

Tip: You can add text, background designs, and images to notes. To open the notes editor, tap Add Note.

Learn how to create notes on the Google app.

Learn about notes

Who can create notes

If you are in the US or India and are opted into the experiment in Search Labs, you can create Notes. Prior to launch in Search Labs, Notes had invite-only users who were paid for participating in the program.

Which Google results are eligible for notes

If the "Add Note" option shows, you can add notes to the result. If the results aren't eligible for notes, there's no "Add Note" option.

Google uses signals like the search term, text on the web page, and other links to the website to determine whether notes are helpful. If a topic is deemed potentially unsafe or sensitive, results may also be ineligible for notes.

Share information with notes

Information shared in notes must follow Google's community guidelines for notes and profiles on search.

How to report content in notes

If content violates Google's community guidelines for notes and profiles on Search, you can report it.

On the note that contains the content you want to report, click More More and then Report this post.

Learn who can see the notes you create

Anyone with access to the notes experiment in Search Labs can view the notes you create. They can also view them on your public profile.

Find the notes you've created

You can view the notes you create on your public profile. If you don't have a public profile, a profile is automatically created once you create your first note.

Maximum notes per day

We may limit the number of notes you can post per day. Once you reach this limit, you'll be eligible to post again the following day.

Ineligible to Post Notes

You may be ineligible to post notes if your account has been blocked due to previous violations of Google's policies for user content on Search. Users who are underage or with accounts outside of the US or India are not eligible to post notes at this time. Additionally, if you are using an enterprise Google account, you will need to switch to a personal account to use Notes.





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