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Create notes on the Google app

After you get notes in Search Labs, you can create notes for content in Google Search and Google Discover results.

  • You can customize notes in the notes editor to add text, images, stickers, and themes.
  • All notes include a link to the page the note is related to.

How to create a note

Create a note

Important: You can only create notes with the Google app on Android phones and iPhones.

When you sign in to the Google app, you can create a note.

Create a note from Google Search or Discover results

To open the notes editor, at the bottom of the result, tap Add Note.

To open notes on an individual result:

  1. On the result, tap More More.
  2. Under "More options," tap Add Note.

Create a note while you view a content on the Google app

  1. Tap the content you want to view, like an article or video.
  2. At the top right, tap Add Note.

Tip: You can add text, background designs, and images to notes. To open the notes editor, tap Add Note.

Design your note

You can add multiple elements to a note. To add an image, text, or sticker to your notes, at the top right, tap Add Add.

Customize text

By default, when you tap to create a note, it begins with editing text.

  • Customize: To customize font, color, style, and text alignment, tap Tt.
  • Add text: Tap Add Add and then Text.
  • Edit text: Tap the text element and then Edit text.
  • Remove text: Tap the text element and then Delete.

Change theme

To design your note or choose a theme, at the top right, tap Theme .

  • When you select a theme, the text and background color changes.

Add an image

  1. To add an image to your note, tap Add Add and then Images.
  2. Select an image from your camera roll or search for images from Google.
    • Drag the image to reposition it.
    • Images can be full screen.
  3. Optional: Frame your image in a mask.
    1. To reveal the menu, tap the image and then Frame Image.
    2. To undo a frame, tap the image and then Unframe.
      • Drag the image to move it within the frame.
  4. To replace or remove images, tap the image and then Replace Image or Remove Image.

Generate an image using AI

  1. To generate a custom image using AI:
    • Tap Add and select Create AI image OR,
    • Tap on an existing image and select Create AI image
  2. Enter a prompt that describes the image you want to create.
  3. Tap Create to generate images.
    • To regenerate a new set of images, tap Create again.
  4. Tap the image to add it to your note.

Add stickers & GIFs

  1. To add stickers or GIFs to your note, tap Add Add and then Sticker.
  2. Search for stickers and GIFs to add to your note.
  3. Tap a sticker to add it to your note.
    • You can drag stickers to a different position.
    • You can resize by pinching or spreading the sticker.
    • You can add more than one sticker or GIF.
  4. To replace or remove stickers or GIFs, tap Replace or Remove.

Post a note to your profile

Once you edit your note, at the bottom right, tap Post.

  • The note is posted to your public profile and to the notes page for the content you posted on. To view all the notes you post, go to your public profile.

Delete a note

  1. On your Android phone, open Google app Activate Google Search.
  2. At the top right, tap your Profile picture.
  3. Select Your Contributions.
  4. Next to the note you want to delete, tap More More and then Delete.

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