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This is not a rant, this is a complaint, to Google employees. My website is invisible because of you

I've read the FAQs and searched the help center. 
My URL is: htp://www.graphiste-video.fr

Hello, as the title says this is not directed towards the community, I am trying to catch Google’s attention. Google, with its latest algorithms has completely killed my website's visibility. I am sick and tired of trying to get visibility again, which is vital for me, in order to find clients, of all the efforts I've been doing to no avail. I am sick and tired of the behavior of Google, in a “we know what we’re doing, our algorithm is perfect, and we don’t interact with our users because we know better than them” kind of way. When I posted a complaint on Google webmaster tools, I got an automatic message telling me that no manual sanction for my website was identified, directing me to a page telling me all the reasons my website would be badly ranked: not original content, not interesting content, badly done website. I found that very arrogant, because it’s not the case.

When I posted here I got answers from the community. Nice people who were trying to help. But not from Google itself. Google doesn’t want to be involved, as if they were god. The users should interact with each other, because Google knows better than them. Google already gives all the answers on their website. Except they don’t.

I’ve been trying to make my website go up again by working on it like crazy. Deleting some stuff which could be problematic, unnecessary divs, making my website more semantically correct, with the use of lists (ul,li), of relationships (dl,dt), and a lot of other stuff. I deleted duplicated titles and added big descriptions (I mean paragraphs of text, not speaking about meta) to all of my content, as it’s a portfolio. Informative to people, but also showing Google there is actually content in these pages, showing I’m not trying  to cheat search engines with a crazy link structure. All of that is thought ergonomically, yes I have stuff like an image map linking to sections, and when I did that I had the user in mind, not search engines. Nothing hidden, the links are mapped to images with related text inside. This is something I have since the beginning, and haven’t wanted to delete for the sake of Google because it is useful for users.

Not only my website stays at the same position (sometimes going a little bit up, sometimes going a little bit down, a yoyo game), but following Google’s own advice made my situation even worst.  A user here pointed me out to a Google page stating how to deal with multilingual websites, thinking maybe that was the reason I was badly ranked, because maybe my international website was considered as a way to create unnatural links, Google being unable to detect that it was two different languages for the same website. That user was nice and was trying to help. But Google’s information is wrong. Using rel=”alternate”  href lang=”” doesn’t help you for an international website unless all your domains are well ranked, then there is a purpose, preventing people coming from the bad country to go on the version of the website which is not for them. In my case, the French version of my website didn’t go up, even a little bit, on Google.fr, to thank me for doing “clean” SEO. But it disappeared from Google.com WHEN TYPING FRENCH KEYWORDS (now on page three). A lot of people in France use Google.com, because they also get French websites that way. And the English version which was never well ranked didn’t become more visible.

What does that mean? I did Google’s work. Google is obviously not able to detect the language of a website. If you help them out with good code, you get penalized if your English website is not well ranked, as it down-ranks the none English version of your website, and doesn’t even up-rank the well localized version of your website in French, on Google.fr, which would be a minimum considering the damage done by helping Google out.

Of course when I saw that I deleted all these alternate language tags. But the harm is done, I’m invisible on Google.com.

Google doesn’t care about quality websites, please don’t fool people. If you did, my website would be well ranked. I don’t cheat with people. My website is completely consistent with the keywords people type to get there. Otherwise I wouldn’t have a 50% bounce rate, which is a good rate, and it already was like that when my website was much more visible. Obviously Google doesn’t care about bounce rates. So they don’t care about quality, or consistency.

My website is coded in a modern way. CSS. And as semantically correct as I could (I’m not a developer)

It has a lot of content, and it’s original content.

It is 100% compatible with tablets, not just computers, I put all my videos on Youtube or Vimeo in order to achieve that. Of course my Flash design work is not compatible with tablets, I’m a graphic designer and that’s part of the work I do. I’m not going to delete it from my portfolio for compatibility reasons.

I used to be well ranked on keywords I was targeting, which have a low search volume but which were completely consistent with my site. Don’t tell me Google is in favour of “natural” ranking. How is it natural to censor the internet? Because that’s what your doing.

If you disagree with me please tell me what is wrong with my website. From a user perspective.

Because I can tell you plenty of things which are wrong with the website which now ranks first with these keywords. My aim is not to stab other people in the back, these ranking issues are not their fault but Google’s, so I won’t give the name of the site nor the keywords here.

Continue like that and you will lose your clients in the long term. The same way Microsoft lost their Internet Explorer users thinking that because 90% of the people were using it they could decide how websites should be designed. How many people are using IE now? Well I wouldn’t be surprised the same thing happens to you. But it’s not going to happen right away and in the meanwhile you’re going to kill businesses like mine. Businesses which are your clients, from which you get your money, no matter how small. I pay Google Adwords. Not only if I don’t get clients I don’t get money to pay you, to invest more in ads.

But considering the problems I have finding clients come from you, I also don’t want to give money to Google. Instead of paying more to that company I’d rather give to other companies (such as ads on LinkedIn, which I’m considering).

Good day.

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Oh look it's you again. You like long rants, don't you?

This is your third rant.
Original Poster
Oh hello. Who the heck are you by the way ? I don't really care about what you think about what I post. Why would I? As written this is for Google employees to read.
- This is a legitimate complaint and not a rant, but maybe you don't know how to read long texts written in proper English. Are you from the SMS generation ? I'm not, I like literature. I like movies with things to say and not boom boom bang bang.
- What you call my first rants were requests for advice, which I have followed, and which made things worst (maybe you would know if you would have read) because Google's own advice is only made to help there search engine in some tasks it doesn't do well, instead of actually being proper advice to people. And yes there was some criticism involved because I expected Google to take some interest in what their users think about their way of doing things, and at least give some clues.
I have a reason to post here. My website. Do you have any proper reason ?
I don't care about the opinion of somebody who states their own answer to a question as being the good one, same as a high five to yourself, as I have seen from you before ... Especially not someone who does that without answering anything.
Have a good day.
Enjoy your rank.

I see you have got a long history of problems with internationalization going right back to a post you made in 2010 - connected with a move to Australia? http://productforums.google.com/d/msg/webmasters/Ba0YQNRFvh0/2UsL4g0BYfYJ

It looks like you've had a variety of technical issues with geotargeting, internalisation, and so on since then? But you also have pages that are, in some respects, search-engine unfriendly. For example, no h1 tags on some pages, no indexable text on some pages, some duplicate content across other sites..... 

.... probably lots of small, easy to fix things that could be implemented in a day or two and would make a huge difference to your 
performance on Google.

Anyway, if you'd like to get some help with the technical issues, I'm sure people would be pleased to help. I suggest open a new thread and simply ask "How can I improve my performance on Google?".
People would be more sympathetic and helpful if you weren't a jerk.

Having two nearly identical sites in separate languages is SEO suicide...by your own hands. There are ways of handling such things but I would suggest hiring someone to get it sorted out properly rather that wasting your time pointing fingers.

Willing to bet the good advice is not accepted

Hello Brian,

 I would really put my mind on the user so they have an amazing experience, I would redesign the site from scratch. Have a look
at this example http://www.ic.gc.ca/Intro.html I am from Canada and I read french so yeah, when I feel like it I read French or English,
ask the user do they want English OR French.

Hope this helps and yeah John is not Copperfield but he is the best Google coach, tutor on earth .


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