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Does googlebot make any difference between wordpress "post" VS "page"? Hey there, If I am running an affiliate site and I post a review or a list, for example: /best-micro…
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How to use Change of Address too to handle many sites to one We will soon be undergoing a change of domain. I have ready and (mostly) understood the instructions… Google has changed the way the search results show (today, Jan.15th 2020) This evening, Google apparently did some type of "update" and now I, as a home computer user (not mo… Recently moved from http to https Hello 3 weeks ago I moved from http to https. My sitemap includes 160 URLs. But only 105 pages are a…
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will google search drop an website when I register a new version of the site on a different provider I redesigned my daughters business webpage and it is on a different provider. I want to register the…
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Please help getting this error "index request rejected" Please help getting this error "index request rejected" The site description in the Google search results is old. Since June 2019 my site has been approved as safe by McAfee. However, the green checkmark is not dis… I'm doing an apache redirection for a nodejs app and I'm getting always a redirect craw error. Fix? url inspection but it does not work.
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base tag and open graph hi, we have the issue on our website too which is described in other posts here. using base tag and …
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Base Tag & OpenGraph Tag creates "Unspecified Type" entry for Structured Data Testing Tool Using both Open Graph information
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My website redirects to a spammy site from google search It is fine on other search engines or typed For the past several months, when you search for my business on Google, it looks like it has found m…
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I need to know definitively what these visitors with xxx.xxx.xx.bc.googleusercontent.com are. Right now, on my website there are 16 ips of this nature with User Agent: CF-UC User Agent v.1.b. Th… Google is displaying a different search title than what I have placed on my Shopify store. I input my title as FurPrintz | Showcase Your Pet | Custom Pet Portrait and google is displaying a d…
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My Site Pages suddenly deindexed from Google Search and deindexing is continue Hello Search Console Experts, I really need your help on this. Recently, I have observed a very weir… Two websites with same content Hello there, i wonder is there a rule to have two websites with two different domains and hostings, … 1 Issue detected, uncommon downloads and no links or urls were given how to fix? Hi. I have this site: https://www.sysinfo.dk and i run a Ghost Blog! But I have a problem with Googl… Unable to submit a URL for indexing We had a problem submitting your indexing request. Please try again later. Issue with re-verifying google search console ownership after unexpected ownership error! Today after a long time of using search console it disconnect the account and its properties with my… How can I remove myself as a delegated owner from a Google Search Console property? I have been assigned as a delegated owner to a property and I want to remove my account completely f…
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website get back links form porn website My website www.ctri.org.in is get thousands of links from porn site through this domain https://www.…
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