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Error not clear

I've read the FAQs and searched the help center. 
My URL is: www.level9seo.com

Please help. We have spent endless hours trying to figure out why the structured data is not working.
Error says:
Error: If count is specified in review aggregate, page should contain reviews. Otherwise you may want to use votes. More information about aggregate reviews.
Error: Missing "rating" field.

We have tried many different versions, but nothing works.
Please clarify.
Anna L.

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Grace Massa Langlois
Grace Massa Langlois
Good Morning Anna,

If you're marking up a collection of reviews and including "count", you must also markup the individual reviews. Also, Google wants you to markup the text visitors see on the page, I couldn't locate the content you've marked up on the page (it appears you've used a technique to hide it). Marking up content that is in no way visible to users goes against Google's guidelines (see snippet from support page further down). Also, the hreview-aggregate markup is not complete, please see the extracted data section of the SDTT result and screen shot below, Google is only extracting count and votes.

Google is not extracting the item reviewed nor the image or the rating.

See current markup below (Google is not extracting the bolded markup).

<div class="hreview-aggregate">
<p><span class="fn">Level9 SEO Service</span></p>
<p><img class="image" src="/seo-content-requirement/logo2-500x500.jpg/ ‎" alt="" /></p>
<p><span class="average">9</span> out of</p>
<p><span class="best">10</span></p>
<p>based on</p>
<p><span class="votes">38</span> ratings.</p>
<p><span class="count">3</span> user reviews.</p>

By the way, how does a visitor provide a rating and/or review on the page?

Also, I noticed you're using images (5 star rating system) to display the rating yet the marked up rating scale is out of 10 - this is confusing.

Please see sample markup (below) and corresponding SDTT result, please note the extracted data section and generated snippet and compare to the current SDTT result I attached above. I've used the 10 point scale but again, this rating scale should be addressed.

<div class="hreview-aggregate">
<span class="item">
<span class="fn">Level9 SEO Service</span>
<img src="/seo-content-requirement/logo2-500x500.jpg/ " class="photo" />
<span class="rating">
<span class="average">9</span> out of
<span class="best">10</span>
based on
<span class="votes">38</span> ratings.

I recommend following Google's guidelines and marking up the content displayed on the page where it's located on the page. See excerpt from Google's guidelines I mentioned above below.

Quality guidelines

While rich snippets are generated algorithmically, we do reserve the right to take manual action (e.g., disable rich snippets for a specific site) in cases where we see abuse, deception, or other actions that hurt the search experience for our users. In particular, you should avoid:
  1. Marking up content that is in no way visible to users.
  2. Marking up irrelevant or misleading content, such as fake reviews or content unrelated to the focus of a page.
These quality guidelines cover the most common forms of deceptive or manipulative rich snippet behavior, but Google may respond negatively to other misleading practices not listed here. It's not safe to assume that Google approves of a specific deceptive technique just because it isn't included on this page. We strongly advise that webmasters focus on providing a great user experience rather than on looking for loopholes.

I hope the above information is helpful.


Hi Anna
In addition to Grace's comprehensive reply, I'd just like to add that testimonials are not reviews, and that it generally doesn't make sense to use reviews like this for a company's website. My recommendation would be to remove that markup. 

I see this all the time where webmaster drop a default data-vocabulary.org/Review-aggregate in the footer so product pages get the review stars.

It also happens a lot with business directories so they get stars on every area page they cover.

Margaret Ornsby
Margaret Ornsby
+JohnMu - as with UKSBD, I see way too many of these bogus "review" sites showing in the knowledge graph and other places.  Is there some place we can report these?  Would dearly love to get this rubbish off the screens.  

I've seen extreme examples have review stars removed, but very hit and miss if anything gets done.
If you find more complicated cases that you can't easily fit into that form, feel free to send them to me directly through my Google+ profile ( http://google.com/+johnmueller ). Thanks!
Margaret Ornsby
Margaret Ornsby
Thank you +JohnMu and +UKSBD... fantastic!

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy New Year
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