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Google says "Your Sitemap exceeds the maximum file size limit" - but it doesn't

I have read the FAQs and checked for similar issues: YES

My site's URL is: http://www.digitalhit.com

My sitemap has been fine for monhs. In fact I haven't changed it in a while. Today I was looking at Webmaster Tools and noticed that the Sitemap Index file was giving the warning: Your Sitemap exceeds the maximum file size limit

The only thing is, both files pointed to by the sitemap index file are below the 50,000 url limit.

What's going on?
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The limits are:
1) maximum 50000 urls
2) max 10MB file size (after un-gzipping).
Both limis apply.
Phil Payne
Phil Payne
I get 403 Forbidden on your robots.txt - can't help, I'm afraid.
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Okay, spent all day crawling my site uploaded files generated by GSitecrawler. Settings were to chop the files at 40,000 urls and maximum 10 meg file size uncompressed.

I uploaded four files on Thursday:

sitemap.xml.gz - 6,508 KB uncompressed
sitemap2.xml.gz - 6,510 KB uncompressed
sitemap3.xml.gz - 4,977 KB uncompressed

Resubmitted them to Google and they still say they're too big. But they're below 50,000 urls and below 10mb.

Is WMT referring to those sitemaps? Or is it using an older sitemap (different name) that is still around?
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Double checked and the only sitemaps in the directory are the files I uploaded yesterday. Bizarrely, it's showing a download date of May 23rd for the 1st file, May 8th for the second and today, May 28th, for the third.

I'll try resubmitting once more to see if it takes.
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An update...

The download list is showing checkmarks for the 2nd and 3rd sitemap files and download dates of May 28th and June 2. The first file (which was uploaded at the same time is still showing an old download date of May 23rd. Any idea why it'd still be stuck on that date?
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