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Where is malware on mywebsite and it's not correct to detect openX script for malware.

I have read the FAQs and checked for similar issues: YES
My site's URL (web address) is: www.thaiautoshop.com
Description (including timeline of any changes made):
today mywebsite is reported attack site why?
i see 3 urls that's google found malware
1. www.thaiautoshop.com/car-news/4537.html //normally content
2. www.thaiautoshop.com/newcar/342.html //normally content
3. www.thaiautoshop.com/ad_right_300x90.html // it's contain OpenX Script, malware?
I've contact to my host for check about malware and them answer me 'not found'.
when i would like to request a review, i can't find link in malware page on my webmaster tools account.
i wish google will solved this ASAP
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"i wish google will solved this ASAP"

I wish you will solve this ASAP. Google did not hack your site. Google is protecting us.

You need to look closer at the malware in OpenX. Its a well documented problem.
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I don't tell google hack mysite but i've checked mysite, i can't find malware
and i can't see request a review.
Easy there SEO101- you have to understand that these websites are how people make their livings. When Google gives you the online equivalency of posting the plague notice on your door, it can make a person a bit frustrated. Your precious google says that we have to clean up then run the elusive "request for review" - turns out a few of us are having trouble actually getting that part of the process.
Thaiautoshop - the malware is in your OpenX Script, - they have hacked your account and have placed the scripts to run when your ads load from the software. even if you are running google ads, they have appended the scripts in the advanced tab sections - so it isn't easy to find. you need to update your version of openx and remove the scripts, and remove the offending hacker account. go to the OpenX forums for help.
TVCNet Hack Repair
TVCNet Hack Repair
If your OpenX version is less than 2.8.7 you'll need to have someone upgrade your OpenX server to help clear the issue (as well as scrub the OpenX db for any hacker coding/HTML).

You'll find some more information on this here:

Best Wishes,
Jim Walker
The Hack Repair Guy
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dear all,
yesterday i was upgraded my OpenX to 2.8.7 and wait all night, today malware was not found
thanks all.
OpenX have just blogged on the latest security issues:
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