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Think you're affected by the recent algorithm change? Post here.

We recently made a change to our search ranking algorithms, which you can read more about on the Official Google Blog: http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2011/02/finding-more-high-quality-sites-in.html

According to our metrics, this update improves overall search quality. However, we are interested in hearing feedback from site owners and the community as we continue to refine our algorithms. If you know of a high quality site that has been negatively affected by this change, please bring it to our attention in this thread. Note that as this is an algorithmic change we are unable to make manual exceptions, but in cases of high quality content we can pass the examples along to the engineers who will look at them as they work on future iterations and improvements to the algorithm. So even if you don't see us responding, know that we're doing a lot of listening.

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We've experienced a significant drop in our traffic (almost 35%) as a result of this change (with an equivalent drop in revenue). We believe that our only crime is that we host user-generated content.
We run a successful Q & A (askmehelpdesk.com) with over 800K members and I can proudly and truthfully say that all our content on our site has been generated by our members - not "farmed" from anywhere else. However, Google is playing an odd game of picking winners and losers based on content authority instead of content relevancy. So, while Google is pointing users to "authoritative" content, they are in effect devaluing user-generated content. And while I agree that content spam is bad for users and also for the rest of us that do provide legitimate content, this move violates the democratic principles of the Internet.
We hope that Google will come back from this detour of pushing "authoritative content" i.e. anti-UGC, and instead get back to what they do well - search and determining search relevancy. Frankly that's what we (site owners) want but also what I believe users are looking for.
http://bit.ly/eTpf7S and http://bit.ly/e15TxZ (WARNING ADULT CONTENT NSFW) were deindexed when the updates rolled out this year.
Although as far as I can tell my sites didn't violate quality guidelines and can get no answer out of Google why this happened.
Note these sites are not the same as they were before. In despair I changed over the format and style of both sites.
Not fun when ones total income gets evaporated to a possible algo glitch,.
Thanks for listening.
HCI Site
HCI Site
I've felt a HUGE impact to my site and I have to say the results in the SERPS are disturbing at best. I would VERY much like to speak with someone at Google to find out why. I've posted on several forums already looking for some insight and so far not much. There are quite a few examples that I can give that show horrible new results in the SERPS for some key words that I write about. The following are some examples.
Let me first preface that I've been writing original content for my site, www.homeconstructionimprovement.com for almost 5 years. I'm an expert in construction, DIY and home improvement. I'm a respected member of the profession and I travel all over at the request of many large corporations. So when it comes to quality content I'm very certain I offer that. I also receive thousands of comments from folks thanking me for my content and wishing that had found the site sooner.
Last Friday I saw a 40%+ drop in traffic. To say I'm upset would be an understatement. Check out a few examples below to see why I'm really upset.
Example #1
Keyword Term - Basement Insulation
My article http://www.homeconstructionimprovement.com/how-to-insulate-basement-walls/
Used to rank between #3 and #4 along with several other industry experts (I think it's important that I point out many of us in this niche have years of experience and expertise that we share with our content).
Now the site ranks #6 which doesn't sound all that bad but it sure ads up on 2,000 articles. So what burns my ass is two results that now show up ahead of mine.
http://www.basementinsulation.net/ - This site/article is clearly written by someone who has absolutely NO experience in the industry, it's written by someone with horrible english and 95% of it is crap. If this isn't spam I don't know what is.
http://www.homeimprovementweb.com/information/how-to/basement-insulation.htm - This has extremely outdated incorrect information about how to properly insulate a basement. It's also not original content!
Example #2
Keyword Term - Foam Board Insulation
My article http://www.homeconstructionimprovement.com/foam-board-insulation-values/
Used to rank #4.
Now it ranks #9 below some really crappy sites including:
http://www.foamboardinsulation.net/ - This site / article has only one purpose and that was to rank for that single term. There's nothing of value on it and it's probably one of the best examples of spam I've seen.
Example #3
Keyword Term - Asphalt Driveway Cost
My article http://www.homeconstructionimprovement.com/cost-asphalt-driveways/
Used to rank #1
Now it ranks #3 behind one fishy site:
http://www.drivewaytips.com/costsomuc.html - This site is a mess again, hard to believe this is better quality.
Example #4
Keyword Term - Porch Ceiling
My article http://www.homeconstructionimprovement.com/vinyl-beadboard-soffit-for-porch/
Used to rank #1
Now it ranks #9
Now I agree that #1 was probably not that accurate as my article wasn't 100% specific to porch ceiling. However, once again there are several fishy results ahead of this including:
The list goes on but you see my point.
I am totally baffled as to what has occurred with my site (www.proposalwriter.com) since this change. I have lost at least 2/3 of my traffic and revenue. I have had my website for over 10 years, with the objective of providing relevant, useful, and high-quality information for people who are seeking information on subjects such as government grants, government contracting, proposal development, small business, and international development. My content has always been totally original and written by me.
For approximately the past eight years, key pages of my site have always appeared on the first or second pages of search results. However, within a day or two of the latest algorithm change, for example, my once-popular and heavily-trafficked government grants page (www.proposalwriter.com/govtgrants.html) moved from page 1 to page 12 to page 10 of the search results. Similar movement has occurred with several of my other most visited pages. However, none of my competitors' sites (including some "scam" sites) have seemed to move from their page 1 spots -- only mine.
I have hundreds of high-quality links pointing to many pages of my site, including links from prestigious universities, well-known foundations and non-profit organizations, the U.S. House of Representatives, State government websites, public and university libraries, professional journals, and numerous legitimate firms and individuals. I am just not sure why my site and its individual pages have experienced such drastic changes in the search results.
I am now spending a good amount of time making changes to some of my pages in the hope that I can get them back to where they once were, and to provide an even better experience for my (now drastically reduced) visitors. I find this whole thing very depressing. I feel that my site has been singled out for some mysterious reason that I just cannot figure out.
My site Charles & Hudson (http://www.charlesandhudson.com) has felt the negative impact of this algorithm change. We've been around since 2005 and have always followed the recommendations of Google in regards to doing things the right way and not being selfish with how we build content and share information.
Our Google SERPs are now down at least 35% and we've seen sites that have copied our content or produce URL's strictly for SEO ranked higher. We also receive a healthy amount of traffic from direct and referral sources but almost all of our search traffic is from Google so this algorithm change is of a HUGE concern to us.
We create all of our own original content and on occasion link to relevant products or new stories that we are discussing.
Our current Google Pagerank of 6 seems to have no effect on the new algorithm and as I mentioned above we have always taken great care to not take shortcuts but rather continue building relevant and informative content that people will find useful.
Any response in regards to what we have done wrong and how to best move forward when writing articles would be greatly appreciated.
993 MORE
One of our client's sites, a Crowne Plaza in Syracuse (http://www.cpsyracuse.com/), has been removed from the Google Search results even though the site content is informative, relevant and original. The website provides more information on their hotel: services, accommodations, location, RFPs for meetings and events, leisure travel information and business travel information.
The domain/site was launched in November, it started showing up on Google Search results around 1-2 months ago and has suddenly disappeared. Our only guess would be the new Google algorithm.
Please let me know if there is anything we can do to overcome this.
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