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Google appears to have stopped indexing blogspot.com new post as of 20 Oct

I have read the FAQs and checked for similar issues: YES
My site's URL (web address) is: spanishfootballsports.blogspot.com
Description (including timeline of any changes made):
Google robot appear to have stopped indexing new posts on my blogspot BLOG as of 20 Oct. Until then it was almost immediate
Webmaster tool has a NDS timeout notice . But server is blogger ie Google . Is the problem there?
Last Cache : 19 Oct
Any replies guys? Totally buffled . I think its a google / blogger server problem that I hope will be fixed
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Michael Martinez
Michael Martinez
If there is a problem with Google's Blogspot.com then they will get around to fixing it pretty quickly.

As far as I can see, they have indexed hundreds of thousands of pages from Blogspot.com over the last 24 hours.

Hard to say.
Was pretty fast indexing for me, up until today ( was under 30 mins for my custom domain at Blogger to be index per article).
Now I have two new blog articles that have yet to be indexed for today at http://www.azrainman.com/
I am thinking they are bogged down, which I hope is the case and not another bug,
Michael Martinez
Michael Martinez
Google occasionally takes part of the process offline, or scales it up a notch, or down a notch.  They are constantly tweaking with stuff.

I would wait a couple of days, but keep posting new content as normal.
Same for me at http://thechurchofjesuschrist.us Everything is great on the server end (self-hosted). Pings are okay. Googlebot working fine. And suddenly, it just stopped. So.... where are you Google man!
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Hi guys its Striker 123 again , thanks for the replies.
Still occuring . Have another Blogspot BLOG & new posts there are not being indexed.
It "smells" like a Google problem.
Any Google rep available to confirm?
323 MORE
Hi everyone

I realize that the glitch we saw last week seems to have chosesn a pretty confusing time, but from what I can tell this technical crawling / indexing issue is resolved.

In general, it is very valuable for us and the other experts here to be able to look at sites directly, at specific queries and specific pages within your sites. If you are seeing changes in ranking that you are having difficulties with, I would strongly suggest providing as much information as possible. The folks posting here will try to find the weak points of your sites and bring them to your attention: I realize that’s sometimes hard to listen to, but in the end, improving your site, weeding out the weak points or working to improve those parts is important. I see a lot of neat sites listed here, and I hear a lot of enthusiastic webmasters posting about issues they’re seeing here; directing that energy towards improving those sites is certain to make the sites even stronger and better than before.

With that, I’ll close this thread about this particular technical crawling/indexing issue from last week. There are a few other general issue threads, if you wish to post about changes in ranking (which are not related to this crawling/indexing issue) in a more general sense, feel free to discuss them there -- I’ll try to keep up there as well.

Thanks for all your feedback so far, it's been very valuable! Please keep it coming in the other threads :).

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