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Move a site with URL changes


Make sure Google can index and serve your content under your new URLs

This article describes how to move your site by changing the URLs of the website. In this case, you want Google to index your content under new URLs, and to surface these new URLs in our search results. Examples of this kind of site move include:

  • URL changes from HTTP to HTTPS
  • Domain name changes such as to or merging multiple domains or hostnames
  • URL paths changes: >, or >

Follow these 4 basic steps:

  1. Prepare the new site and test it thoroughly.
  2. Prepare a URL mapping from the current URLs to their corresponding new format.
  3. Start the site move by configuring the server to redirect from the old URLs to the new ones.
  4. Monitor the traffic on both the old and new URLs.

Let’s look at each step in detail.

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