Sitemaps report

Use the Sitemaps report to see which sitemaps were processed for your site, any processing errors, or to submit a new sitemap for your site. The new Search Console encourages the use of sitemaps to help Google discover the right content on your site, and to improve content tracking and error reporting.


Add a sitemap

To submit a new sitemap for crawling:

  1. Post a sitemap on your site.
  2. Enter the relative URL for the sitemap on the Sitemaps report and click Submit.
  3. The sitemap should be processed immediately. However, it can take some time to crawl the URLs listed in a sitemap, and it is possible that not all URLs in a sitemap will be crawled, depending on the site size, activity, traffic, and so on.

Understanding the report

The report has the following information. For additional information not shown here, you can open the old Sitemaps report.

The following information is provided for each submitted sitemap:

  • Sitemap URL: The URL where the sitemap is posted.
  • Type: The type of sitemap. Possible values:
    • Sitemap: Standard sitemap
    • Sitemap index: A sitemap of sitemaps
    • Unknown: The submitted file is not a known sitemap type or the sitemap hasn't been processed yet.
  • Submitted: The date when the sitemap was submitted.
  • Last processed: The last time the sitemap was processed by Google.
  • Status: Status of the submit or crawl. Possible values:
    • Processed successfully: The sitemap was loaded and processed successfully with no errors. All URLs will be queued for crawling.
    • Has issues: The sitemap has one or more errors; any URLs that can be retrieved from the sitemap will be queued for crawling.
    • Couldn't be fetched: The sitemap could not be fetched for some reason.
  • Count of URLs: The number of URLs listed in the sitemap. If this is a sitemap index, the number is the count of all URLs in all referenced sitemaps. Duplicate URLs are counted only once.


Known issues

The following are known issues in this beta version of the new Search Console. No need to report them to us, but we'd love your feedback on any other features or issues you spot. Use the Feedback mechanism in the navigation bar.

  • Only web page entries are currently reported; no other sitemap types (such as images or videos) are reported.
  • RSS feeds are not yet supported.
  • The mobile experience is still a work in progress.
  • Property sets are not yet supported.
  • Only URLs scoped to the currently selected property are reported on.
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