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Shopping reports and tools

If your website has been identified by Google as an online merchant, you might see a section titled Shopping in the navigation bar at the side of the Search Console. This section contains tools and reports about shopping experiences available on Google for your site. Site status is determined programmatically by Google. You can read more about Product snippets and Merchant listings here. Eligible sites are those that primarily exist to sell physical goods or have Product structured data on your site

What is an online merchant?
An online merchant is a site that sells physical goods or services directly to consumers (not to other businesses) on that site. Websites that redirect users to other sites (affiliate sites), or don't allow purchase completion on the site, are not considered online merchants for Search Console's reporting purposes.


The Shopping section in Search Console contains one or more of the following entries, depending on what kind of structured data Google found on your site:

Product snippet rich report

This is a rich result report for Product snippet structured data found on your site. Product snippet items can be shown as typical web search results with visual enhancements—for example, product ratings and prices. This report will be present if Google found Product snippet structured data on your site.

Merchant listing rich report

This is a rich result report for Merchant listing structured data found on your site. Merchant listings are an extension of the Product snippet item that enable more full-featured search results and always include a price. For example, they might appear in a carousel of similar products from different sellers, or in a knowledge panel in search results.

Shopping tab listings

If you have items that appear, or could be eligible to appear, in the Shopping tab in Google Search results, you'll see this page offering information about your Shopping tab listings or information about how to enable your products to appear in the Shopping tab.

It's possible you might see neither the Product snippet rich report or the Merchant listing rich report, but still see Shopping tab listings page. In this case, Google has found structured data on your site, but the sample data used by Search Console to generate those reports doesn't contain any entity data. If this is the case, Google can still show your items in the Shopping tab, even if you can't see rich reports for those item types.


If you're a merchant but you're not seeing the shopping section in Search Console
Make sure that you have valid Merchant listing structured data on your website. You can check whether Google has found and indexed any valid Merchant listing items on your site by opening your Merchant listings structured data report. If the report is not present, then Google hasn't found any structured data on your site. If the report is present, make sure that your Merchant listings are valid.

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