Add a dynamic call to action

You can use the Tap Area component to create a call to action in your dynamic ad. After you add the Tap Area to your document, the next steps differ depending on the ad environment.

Display & Video 360 (including data-driven creatives)

If your ad environment is set to Display & Video 360, you can use a dynamic data binding to set up the call to action.

  1. In the Dynamic panel's Bindings tab, click the Add dynamic bindings button.
  2. On the Bindings tab of the Dynamic Properties dialog, click Add Binding.
  3. For the Element, select the Tap Area.
  4. For the Element attribute, select Exit override URL.
  5. For the Data schema object, select the dynamic URL data (e.g., Product 0 > URL), then click OK.
  6. For data-driven creatives, follow the additional steps below to add a metric ID.

Dynamic Exits in Studio - Google Web Designer

Additional steps for data-driven creatives

  1. Switch to Code view and navigate to the code for the Tap Area (starting with <gwd-taparea).
  2. Add the exit-id property into the <gwd-taparea> tag.
  3. The exit-id property should be set to one of two values, backgroundExit or ctaExit.


<gwd-taparea id="cta-taparea" exit-id="ctaExit" class="gwd-taparea-ismw" bind-exit-override-url="callToAction.0.exitUrl" bind-style-background-color="callToAction.0.buttonColor" bind-show="callToAction.0.content.text"></gwd-taparea>

If your ad environment is set to Google Ads, create a new event to set up the call to action. The event uses custom actions that are available for the Google Ads dynamic remarketing templates. If you create your ad from scratch, use the "Dynamic Remarketing Blank Slate" template, which includes the custom events.

  1. Right-click the Tap Area and select Add event...
  2. For the event, select Tap Area > Touch/Click.
  3. For the action:
    • Select Custom > gwd.exitToItem to exit to the item URL.
    • Select Custom > gwd.exitToDefault to exit to the landing page URL for the ad.
  4. Click OK.

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