About events

Events are how you set actions in response to user gestures, timeline keyframes or other occurrences in your ad or HTML document. For example, you could use an event on the timeline to trigger a CSS change or you could use a touch event in an ad to trigger the start of an animation.

Events Overview - Google Web Designer

You connect objects and actions to events in the Events dialogue. The Events dialogue is an interactive dialogue that walks you through the process of setting up events.

  1. Target: Choose the object that triggers the event or where the event originates.
  2. Event: Select the event that is registered by the object.
  3. Action: Specify an action that occurs as a result.
  4. Receiver: Choose the element that receives the action.
  5. Configuration: For some actions, additional details may be necessary.

Learn more about the steps for defining an event in the Events dialogue.

If the action that you want isn't listed in the Events dialogue, you can create your own JavaScript functions and use them as custom actions. However, this feature is unavailable for AMPHTML ads.
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