The Street View component

This component is not supported by AdWords or AdMob.

The Street View component lets you add Google Street View imagery to your project. You can choose the location, panning, and rotation, and the user can interact with the view.

To add the Street View component to your project:

  1. Open the Components panel, then the Maps folder.
  2. Drag the Street View component to the stage.
  3. In the Street View properties section of the Properties panel, configure the component by setting its properties (described below).


Property Description
Name The component name.
Latitude The latitude for the Street View image location.
Longitude The longitude for the Street View image location.
Allow interaction When checked, lets the user interact with the Street View imagery.

Advanced properties

Click the expand icon  next to Advanced properties in the component properties pane to edit the following advanced properties:

Property Description
Heading The compass heading of the camera view. Values can range from 0 to 360, with both 0 and 360 indicating north, 90 indicating east, 180 indicating south, and 270 indicating west.
Pitch The up or down angle of the camera relative to the Street View vehicle. Positive values angle the camera up (with 90 degrees indicating straight up), while negative values angle the camera down (with -90 indicating straight down).
Zoom The amount of zoom for the street view image. The default value is 2.
Google API Key The API key which allows you to monitor usage of this component, enables access to a free daily quota, and ensures Google can contact you if necessary. See the Maps JavaScript API documentation.


Components can't be previewed inside the Google Web Designer interface. To see the component in action, preview your ad in your preferred browser.

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